No yellowing of leaves at week 7?

I am at week 7+ of flowering and plants look good(a little clawing on a couple plants) and I used a supper soil mix of my own. The question is if there is to much N in the supper soil will it inhibit the yellowing of the leaves as no leaves are turning yellow on me yet? Can one flush out the N in a supper soil mix? Thanks for any input?..

No yellowing leaves is a good thing. Yellow means issues or proceed with caution.

Pictures help us help you.

Happy growing!

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I guess I wasn’t clear my question is can one flush supper soil nutrients out or is it futile?

Super soil, yeah you can flush it out. It’s the time released nutrients soil that you can’t flush

Great thanks…

@HornHead I’m using some soil called Mother Earth ground swell with Thrive N and Thrive N-Bloom. She is 45 days old and was transplanted to this soil in a 5 gal smart pot 26 days ago.has only been fed 2 times with Thrive N and once with the bloom. She is painting her finger nails and starting to claw a little bit. Someone said I need to add calmag. I was told that would kill the “herd”.
Here’s a pic and check out the other problem next leaf over. Started as black spots now looks like rust.

I’m no expert but calmag does look like it will help