No vertical growth in 2 weeks during flowering?

Probably nothing, but shouldn’t there be some height increase during this phase of flowering, or are they as tall as they’re going to get? :astonished:

All four are 100% Sativa, Strawberry Cough, two autoflowers, two photoperiod started at the same time. Light cycle was changed a month ago, autoflower expected harvest is 5 weeks and the photoperiod harvest expected in about 7 weeks.

Also, for everyone who kept telling me to put the fan near the ceiling… there it is :sunglasses:

I’ve heart this strain is a stretcher, but for 2 weeks I haven’t done any training or pruning and left them to grow above the trellis net. All four are staying at 24", the pistils are increasing though.


Hello, I’m also growing a Strawberry Cough photo. The stretch of the particular phenotype I have was also pretty minimal for it being a sativa as well. I’ve got mine in 20 gal pots and SROC trained. She’s actually shorter than the indica dominant BlackBerry Kush in the same size pot but has way more mass to her buds. I just attribute it to being just that, a particular phenotype. If you’ve got all of your vitals in check, you should be fine. Nice ladies by the way!

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After light change it can take a week or two for the plant to adjust and transition to preflower then preflower can last a week or two. After that it can take 8-10+ weeks. Some plants start stretching after they’ve been in full flower for a few weeks. Some take longer and some start stretching right away. Environment can play a big role in that. As early as you are in flower I wouldn’t be to concerned unless there’s not enough light to flower that many plants. They do however, look wonderful and healthy. as far as the Auto’s go, they do what ever they want. I think your 5 and 7 week time-line is overly optimistic.

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Wow 20 gallon pots? What square footage do you get for a 20 gallon pot plant? I have 4 plants each in 5 gallon pots with a square footage of 1’x1’ for each plant (4’x4’ total square footage).

Once transitional period is over with your plants are pretty much done growing as far as height is concerned. From that point on the amount of vertical growth you’ll see is very small.

It’s good that you have your fan up. I would probably try to get it over top of your canopy though if possible. The way you have it the air in room is being drawn to fan, which is way off in the corner of room. This would allow you to shorten duct too, which should help fan performance.

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Yeah their stretch is done. But in that scrog you’re going to get a good output. Strawberry Cough is still a hybrid, not 100% sativa, so there will be a few phenotypes. Looks like all of yours are the same.

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@spacey They’re in a 5x5 tent. I usually do 3 different strains at a time. Each are roughly 5 sq ft to accommodate a heater and humidifier/ dehumidifier (depending on stage of growth). Right now I’m doing the ILGM mix pack and the entire tent can’t get much more full.

Strawberry Cough in beginning full senescence at day 49 after flip to 12 and 12.


Okay, but why did most people even on this site, say that Sativas will grow double their height from light cycle change to final height? Is that because it’s indoors vs. outdoors, or because of SCROG method?

Because of the scrog. You’re growing outward instead of upward in a scrog. Sativas can easily triple in height when grown normally.


I understand, but I didn’t change the light cycle until after I was done with the horizontal LST training. I’ve never seen a plant increase height more than about 20% even with no training.

Should I let it get taller than two feet next time if I do the SCROG method again? There’s plenty of vertical room to use. Does the plant height even matter since the point is horizontal canopy square footage instead of vertical height? I have 4’x4’ now.

This is my first SCROG. :person_shrugging::person_shrugging::person_shrugging:

Not sure on why you haven’t experienced larger stretches. This is an example of a sativa stretch. Day one of 12/12 to end of stretch. No training


Weird, maybe it’s the way I trained them. How long was it between light cycle change to your second photo?

About 16 days

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Now here is a scrog day 1 of 12/12 vs 14 days later. Different type of stretch in a scrog


Okay, that makes sense. So plant height doesn’t really matter too much with SCROG. Looks like you started flowering at a pretty low height, under 2 feet. Thanks.

Now I think I didn’t see sativa stretch before because I was using cheap LED lights from Amazon in a grow tent in the past. The lights were 600 watt + a 1000 watt cheap LED, but the power pull was about 150 watts, so they were crap lights. They weren’t getting enough energy. This is my first 1000 watt attempt and first SCROG.

The reason for scrog is to keep the plant height low.