No-till questions

Ok soo this is my 2 grow and I want to do no-till.

Can I use the soul I used in my first grow?

I have been collecting microbes in my environment using rice.

I have a bunch of leave and dirt from huge bamboo plants.

And 2 other types of dirt and leaves from two other trees.

Oh and I have a compost bin that seems to have a high population of wood bugs

I did a test to see if I could jump start the dormant microbes in 2 different soils by growing sunflower seeds. One was the dirt from the bamboo and the other was soil from my compost with Oatmeal.

Oh and I found wild clovers in my yard can I use them as cover crop?

That being said!
That’s where I’m at!


I can’t answer your other questions, but I have read that clover is a good companion plan for MJ :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a natural deterant for against most bugs and aphids and what nots…


Awesome, I have used the no till method. Clovers are great cover crops as @SmoknGranny mentioned. Also they add nitrogen to soil and don’t need fertilizer. Having bad connection but checking in @Candygrowja. Good luck with your grow


@Candygrowja I like the idea of no till growing.
A cover crop has benefits and disadvantages. From the microbe perspective I think it would help, however don’t forget the cover crop needs nutrients also, and your cannabis plant will be competing for the same.
Reusing your soil may cause PH swings, so I would highly suggest to dumping it into compost pile to rest and stabilize. I’m not saying it can’t be done, I’m saying you have to keep an eye on it if you choose to do it this way.
Also, reusing your soil from one grow cycle to the next would be counterintuitive. Cannabis loves nitrogen in the beginning, and towards the end, very little. Then restarting with new plants in a soil depleted of nitrogen wouldn’t be successful starting out.
Just bringing some perspectives for you to consider. Yes it can be done, however your yield may suffer. It’s a weed, it will always want to grow. You may find it’s just one of those things you’re better off starting over each time. If you do choose to grow this way, I would love to follow along. Sorry this was so long. Happy growing.


You can definitely reuse soil as long as you amend it. I know a bunch of people just throw it into their bin, amend it, let it sit for a while and use it. But you definitely have to amend it or you wont see very good results like covertgrower said.


@Covertgrower, @Aolelon , do you guys know what would be the best products to amend Organic soil or would ye recommend just to get some new soil each time it’s not that expensive but I hate to have to be throwing anything away.

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There are a ridiculous amount of things. Alfalfa meal, crab meal, neem seed meal, kelp meal, high p guano, greens and, azomite, gypsum, dolomite lime, diatomaceous earth, rock phosphate, fish bone meal, bone meal, blood meal, earthworm castings… I’m sure there are a lot more


If that’s the route you want to go, I highly suggest looking into ROLS and such. Using compost teas to feed your soil


My no till grow

I’m having great success, I’m growing in coco compost and perlite. I don’t ph my water I just like to keep a check on ppms. Adding compost and organic matter to your grow will help out and act as a buffer on the ph and will set it straight automatically. Feed schedule, is feed, Day 1 Alaskan fish fertilizer(300 ppms), Day 2 aquarium water (400 ppms), Day 3 regular rain water(30ppms), Day 4 Molasses 2.5 ml per gallon of water mix,( microbe food) Day 5 15ml real coconut water per gallon(more microb food)Day 6 rain water, Day 7 go back to day 1. I also do an aloe Vera foilar feed 5mls per gallon 3x a week 15min before light off. I like that it cures and burns easier. I had smoke cure within 2-4weeks compared to an inorganic grow that takes 4-6 weeks. Its easier for me since I don’t have a hydro shop to get supplies at and I have everything except coconuts,those Mr Crabs has to buy​:palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree:. I forgot I Change out the Alaskan fish fertilizer and make compost teas during flowering, the compost I use has lot of fruit and veggies so is high in P-k and not in N. Hope this help have a great day everyone.


IMG_7390how I mis outdoor growing @TDubWilly these were grown in full Texas sun, The sun is your friend even in Texas, we just have to learn how to use its power.


Wow, awesome!!!

I need to find your gorilla grow muahahahaha!

The sun is doing me nothing but favors right now :wink: I just put the little guys out there too late last year


Thanks buddy, that’s last year. I only have two this year, it’s been raining so I don’t have access to the spot. old spot had to much air traffic since trump beefed up security at the border. @TDubWilly

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Waw this was very helpful. Thank you all☺️


My pleasure, have a great day. Tag me if u need anything. Good luck .

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@Johnzy81 as long as it’s amended you’ll do fine.
@Mrcrabs @Aolelon you guys are making me rethink the way I grow a little more. This is definitely interesting. Thanks all.
@Mrcrabs I do find it particularly interesting how the ph remains stable. Is it the amount of microbes that help? Have you tried a slurry test to see what it is?


You use things to buffer the ph, dolomite lime, oyster shell flour. With ROLS you are not feeding the plants, so no need to PH the water. You are feeding the microbes in the soil, which in turn feed the plants. I’m assuming no-till is pretty close to the same thing.


That is my re-veg in a 2g bucket with modifications.

In this soils mixture I added

egg shells ( grinded yo a dust)

Rock dust ( I literally broke rocks from around my yard to dust I don’t know if it’s the same thing but I tried to pick a wide range of different looking rocks🙈)

Coffee grinds

Leaves- I had to cut the top of a larg jamun tree in my lard. I separated from Limbs to the leaves. I had them in my lard for some time and the leaves got swollen by butterflies, other bugs and idk whats. But they all got put in my compost bin as the foundation when I started as well as other good stuff. I had put some of that same trees leaves with the bugs in a black bag and and left it for a long long time.

Compost so the leaves and twigs and vegetables and egg shells and all that stuff. A little oatmeal now and again. And all the yard cuttings oh and a little molasses water sometimes.

Then I went to a wooded place and I had collected some dirt and surrounding matter
I took three samples from strong healthy trees alll native trees

I added some of all samples with soil from the last grow.

It has been getting rice water alo water and rain water or tap water left out for a few days.

For light it’s under a DIY light I made :grin::slight_smile: It has space for 5 bolds
I am only using 2

An I have a small LED and a compact florescent

That’s the timeline from the day I cut it from the mother to yesterday ( this is actually a clone of a flowering plant that I re-veged )

This is such a gorilla Grow!

That’s what’s up we will see how this works out.


@Covertgrower I’ll give you a shout if I do decide to go ahead and recharge my used soil if that’s ok mate. :+1:

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@Covertgrower sorry I didn’t answer went fishing with family.

I was taught if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, My buddy always say if there ain’t signs of nutrient lock out you should just keep using rainwater or any water source without chlorine. For the buffering question, I add dolomite lime to my compost and bio char from my cook outs. I only use natural mesquite and oak no store bought briquettes, that helps the dirt stay in a natural ph range. How I transition out of veggitatin stage. I cut down the nitrogen till a start to se a bit of nitrogen deficiency , that’s when you know that the nitrogen has depleted from the soil and you can start to add your flowering nutes( compost teas high in p&k) or organic nutrients for flowering.Then when ready to harvest do your normal flush as a regular grow and you are flushing out the flowering nutes and will be ready to replant next clone, seed or seedling and start back to normal with your veggation nutrients.