No-Till Gardening

I figured as much. Did you test it with timer off just to make sure it corrected the issue?


Surely did!


Awesome! Took us a little while, but glad you got it figured out


@BlackShirt how is your grow going? I’m really wanting to go no till on my indoor garden once i start, outdoors we are already there.



Sorry for the late reply. Things are going well here. Gearing up to get growing outdoors here soon. :partying_face:

I’m struggling some with cloning, so I came back to reread mrcrabs aloe cloning tutorial.

Mrcrabs: Cloning With Aloe


I agree 100%. I have three compost bins made of pallets stood up and attached in a square. I do raised beds, after a year or a little more my compost makes up all my soil. I make layers, wetting each and packing my bin down tight. Chicken poo, cow, and food scraps , believe it or not your pee is good to add as well. No meat scraps! Also is good to go brown mix, dead leaves ect then a green mix, grass clippings and such.Every year after season is done I clean my beds and replace or add new mulch then cover with a black plastic and wait for the new year to come. And also, worms will find your compost pile and make a happy home in it.


Wow…beautiful colors… great job… :+1:

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Wow on that first nug!

I’ve been super lucky outdoors so far. Stared seeds in Nov and harvested over a month ago and now in starting to harvest my second crop outdoors.

Are you running clones outdoors?


I plan to run a couple of clones and maybe try to squeeze in an auto or two.



Here in SoCal if I put clones out before end of March and before mid May I get reveg issues.

Stoked to see your outdoor once you get it going.

I’ve got 2, 2’x4’ raised beds indoors in first month of flower. No till, inspired by your thread! Thanks.


I’m so glad that this thread could be helpful! I can’t see growing any other way for me- it just suits me.

I stole all of this information from other sources, I’m thankful for their sharing and am happy to pass it along!


I’ve been manually watering but am going to do the Blumat thing as soon as I find some money.


Trainwreck (ILGM) turned out pretty okay.


Looks who’s back!

Glad to see you posting. You inspired me to do communal bed gardening indoors. You still on the same soil?


Those look great, @AAA! I’m still around and growing, but newly engaged and we have 5 kids between us, ranging from not quite 2 all the way to 17. So… I’m a little busier than I was before.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the big bed! I still use the same soil, but have switched to a 20 gallon pot perpetual style harvest for now. It just fits my schedule constraints better for the moment. The big bed is actually my vegetable garden this summer.

Eventually, I’m hoping for a greenhouse with big beds out here in the country.

How big do you plan to get them before flowering?

Tell me about the egg shells, please.


Congratulations on the engagement! Thats quite the age spread you two have there.

The clones are just coming out of a reveg, I’ll probably flip in a week or two once they start to look “normal”. It will be a SOG vs semi SCROG grow. The single plant will get a net support trellis.

I’m storing the eggshells there until I get the time to grind up and top dress with. It seems Calcium deficiency late in flower is the only one I have seen in these beds so trying to get a jump start on it.


What were the symptoms that indicated a
Calcium deficiency?

Are you using any top dress/feeding/watering schedule currently?

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I had light spots, it was late flower and the plants did not seem to have much of an issue.

Im all over the place on watering/feeding.

I water a small amount daily. I switch between coconut/agsil, insect frass, aloe, thriveNbloom, kelp, alfalfa, Regenix, fulvic acid, and asst Dragonfly Earth Medicine teas.

I just top dressed with some high quality compost and had added Neem/Karanja meal 2 weeks ago.

My basic strategy is diversity, a lot of different inputs in micro doses


My outdoor ladies. ILGM Strawberry Cough in front. ‘Blues Traveler’ pheno of Blue Orca Haze in back.