No temp controll

@samandmaria70 it does help let donso figuring and ill get back to you soon thanks for posting the info

Ok so you have 150 cubic feet in your room
And your exhaust is 6 inch fan with a carbon filter
You have carbon filter hooked up to light fixture (small piece of flex duct)
then light fixture ducted out to exhaust fan from fan you exhaust outside is this correct??
You should use you 4 inch fan as a intake fan bringing in fresh air from another room and into grow room
Where is your grow room located? And what region are you in ?
Your ceiling is only 5 foot tall ? With a 1000 watt hps or metal halide fixture ?
Please answer these questions sorry

OK. Yes the 6 inch fan is just like you said. And so is the 4 inch fan. My room is 7 foot tall. And 5foot long and 5 foot wide. It’s in my back bathroom. I live in a mobile home. I built a wall next to my big jacuzzi tub and made that a 5×5×7 room. I live in the Midwest USA. Does that help?

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Oh right now I’m using hps. But I veg with MH.

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How many cfm is the intake ond exhaust

203 and 440.

Sorry @samandmaria70 didnt see your response till just now
With those fans you should be good but if you intake fan is pulling in hot air temps will still be warm in tent or grow room
If you draw air in from the outdoors what isbthe temp of this air ?

Intake will be coming from inside and the Temps will be 75…
So I want to exhaust more air then the intake coming in… And intake should be half of exhaust… Is that right?

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@samandmaria70 Yes correct, a helpful tip, would use an air conditioner just for your grow room your tent is in. Problem solved. Do as @Countryboyjvd1971 said exhaust 200cfm intake 100cfm as an example and your all set. Set the air conditioning unit to your desired temp and dial it in that way

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Sorry @samandmaria70 but yes i was using those numbers as a reference point for you
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I’m currently running into the same issue with my grow room as far as keeping temps cool. Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971. This is very helpful. Will be on the lookout for a portable AC with duct outlet. Still have a week n a half of sprouting to get done.

Thanks again!

@samandmaria70 How are things working out for you as far as ventalation and temp/humidity is concerned?

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@Chip_Butterfield if using the portable types go with two hose type the single hose type will actually use room air to Cool condenser coil stealing air from room they just aren’t as efficient and why they are cheaper initially
Welcome to the forum my friend

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@Countryboyjvd1971 Instead of spending money on a portable, I’m just going to clean out a spare bedroom (AC controlled) we incubated and raised a set of chicks a few months back (I’m talking wash walls, the works to kill off that germy dust chickens leave) and move the tent in there over the next couple days. So I will tag you on my growroom post where I’m tracking my progress as far as my first grow with this newfound setup I’m still learning about.

Thanks for the welcome. You do good honest work here.

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Sounds great @Chip_Butterfield
I also have chickens lol they can be messy lol
Mine are all outside now but I remember the mess when i had the hatchings indoors lol

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