No temp controll


I have a 5+5+6 room.
1000 Watt light.
Carbon filter.
6inch fan, 4 inch fans with controllers.
Isolated fan.
I want to bring air from inside my house into the grow room.
I can’t seem to keep my Temps in controll. Can someone tell me step by step how to set up my fans so that I can keep a steady temp In my room. Do I need a temp controller? I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…


First off why is the temp swinging so much? Is it a exterior room a shed or is it insulated? What type of issue are you having to hot or to cold? What type of light? Led or hid or lec


Without knowledge of your ducting I can only tell you how I control the temperature.

I use a thermostat to switch a relay on when the temperature gets to the maximum (80 F in my case). The relay, in turn, controls the fan(s). When the temperature drops to the minimum, the relay switches off which turns off the fan(s). The thermostat should have the ability to control A/C and heat to do it this way. I hope this helps.:writing_hand::thinking:


If the air your bringing into the tent is not already air conditioned then that combined with a 1000 watt hps is why your temps are high…

You can duct air from your house intro your tent but your thermostat is in your house and not your tent so you will still probably experience temperature swings anyways.


The Temps in my house stays around 75 degrees. I’m thinking if I run one fan just for my light and one fan to pull air into my room and one fan to take air out but is there a controller I can put on my fans that will speed them up or slow them down to keep the right Temps? Also do I want to push more air into the room then that’s going out? Or do I want to pull more air out of the room then what’s going in?


Hid light. To cold at night and to hot when the light is on. It’s a spare room in my house


What kind of relay switch do you use. Because I’m thinking that if I had something that would switch my fans on and off to keep my Temps in check then that would take care of my problem.


The reason for the relay is that the thermostat contacts can not carry the current that the fan motor draws. You will need a relay with contact ratings that match or exceed the fan motor amps. You will need a 12 or 24 volt relay and transformer. The thermostat will switch the relay ON and OFF. The relay will control the fan(s). The style of relay doesn’t matter so long as you have the correct voltage to operate it and the relay contact have appropriate capacity.


You can run lights at night to help with temps this time of year too. Just a thought


@MattyBear I actually always run my lights at night just for that reason.:+1:


I too run my lights on from pm to am for same reason. If it’s to cold when lights are off than I would suggust putting a small heater in room and let intake pull warm air. How cold is to cold? There are peopLe who let their rooms get to 60 with lights off and have absolutly no issues
Now to much heat, sorry o forgot this part, you can get bigger exhaust and not sure about your setup but is your ballast outside your tent? I know having it inside your tent can cause heat issues


Mabey rig your intake so you can block one port and use one like a y aND run one to a small heated box and the other to say a outside winow that you can crack to let in cooler air. It’s winter where I am. These are just some thoughts. What are your hi and low temp


@Countryboyjvd1971, I guess your knowledge will be helpful here :+1:


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I’m a hvac mechanic with 26 years experience
what exacty is the issue high temps ? or low ?
tag me if you still need help


Thanks for the imput I’m at work at the moment. I’ll answer back when I get off. Thanks again…


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Country boy. My issue is I don’t understand the concept of air exchange. I don’t know if I should be pushing more air into my room than what’s being exhausted or should I be exhausting more air than what’s coming in. My Temps don’t get to high or to low they are up and down. What I want to do is put my fans on a switch of some kind that will speed up or slow down my fans to a set point not to go over 80 degrees or under 70. I seen a gadget called a Ink bird that might help but I’m not sure if that’s what I’m looking for…


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Little help @Countryboyjvd1971


Sorry @samandmaria70 i still work full time so I apologize for the delay
You want to keep a negative pressure in your tent or room
I recommend that you have a intake fan drawing air into grow space and that should be sized about half of your exhaust speed
So if your exhaust draws 200 cfm tour intake should be about 100 cfm
Your heat load needs to be figured into sizing of your exhaust set up
Give me a little time to check what you have exactly for equipment
You can help me by reposting your setup that would be helpful
Get back to you asap my friend
Temp will drop with lights off as well


OK now I’m starting to understand. Thank you.
For my set up I have a 6inch fan and a 4inch fan both with speed controls. 6inch carbon filter about 18inches long. 1000watt light with sealed hood. And my space is 5×5×7. Does that help you? Thanks for your help I’ve been growing in there for a wile and I’m sick of not being able to controll my Temps. I have a few plants about to finish and when they do I’m going to replace do my area and set it up right. Thank you… I also work so getting right to you is when I get off work.