No sprouts - Germinating White Widow AF in peat pods

I originally placed my seeds in the pods on March 4th (10 days ago). Placed the tray in a closet with a small T5 light. Nothing. Temp is 73 degrees and Ph is fine. After the first week I pulled back the top layer and could see that the seed had slightly cracked open and the small white part was slightly visible. Figured all was okay and should see a sprout any day. Nothing. Checked again and there has been no change.

I’ve never grown indoors before and never grown AF seeds before. I’ve read the germination guides several times to see if I was missing something. I always assume some amount of failure, but 10 out of 10? I’m tempted to move the dome outdoors but not in direct sunlight. Getting desperate. Its been 14 days.

Any help would be appreciated!

How did you germinate them, before placing them in the pods?

If you just placed the seeds directly then it could take a while. Can you post pictures, what kind of pods are they?

I just placed them directly in to the pods. Followed the watering instructions. Like I stated, all seems to be well (Temp, Ph, moisture). Just no babies.

Ok, in that case. I’ve done that way before and it’s gonna take them a while to come up at least in my experience. It took mine about 2 weeks or so to come up. A better way to have better success with germination, is to soak the seeds for 24 hours then plant them and keep the soil moist, not too dry and not too wet. If that makes sense, if not let me know and I can explain it better


I understand exactly what you’re saying. Thanks for the info. Just a little anxious with the first indoor grow. Spent a ton of money to set up the perfect indoor space and this was going to be the first run.

I also purchased Girl Scout Cookies and Gold Leaf seeds. Do you suggest I germinate in water first with those as well?

Thanks for the info and the almost immediate reply! My immediate gratification needs were exceeded!


I’m on my first grow so I’m not an expert, but temp could be higher and maybe put a heat mat under your tray


I germinated all my seeds, by that method and only lost a couple, but they were just seeds I got out a a bag from my old plug. All the seeds from I💙GM I have purchased and germinated by soakinf in water for 24 hours then putting them in the peat pellets have all came up within 30 to 50 hours give or take.


I’ll adjust the temp. Its in a 4’x6’x8’ closet on a shelf so adjusting temp in that room is not a problem. Thanks.

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Yeah what jasong, seedlings like a little bit hight temp and the humidity needs to be fairly high as well 70%+

Back in the day (25 years ago) I would just plant seeds from some good smoke I came across in 5-gallon pickle buckets and I averaged 75% success. I stopped using until my wife suggested it to help with my psoriasis. I went from the feeling of being attacked by fire ants to freedom in just a few hits. So its time to grow again and this time I want to grow some primo bud!

Thanks again for the info and tips!


I’m sure you will figure it out. Good luck growin brother, if you need anythin just holler


Hey @jrgs3365 welcome to the forum! I think you will be surprised at the level of expertise here on the site. Hawkeye @Hawkeye_diesel has you well taken care of.

I’d like to recommend you start a grow journal, that way we can follow along on your journey through bot the good and bad! Just my .02 Glad to hear the mmj has helped you. Way till you get some of your own primo grow. Ur gonna be one happy guy!


If you bought them from ILGM then you need to reply back to their last email and tell them what happened. It’s very possible that they were blasted during their visit to customs…

In their email they sent you includes a link to germination steps. If you followed those, then I think you are good. If you didn’t…well… you know.

From their email… (Fresh in my mind as I just placed an order 24 hours ago! )

"When you get your seeds, read this pdf for germination instructions: "

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I bought Girl Scouts from ILGM. Followed the germination instructions. I planted 5 seeds on March 11, today is March 22…Been 11 Days. As of today not one has sprouted. Should I dig & find the seeds and put them in a glass with damp paper towel? Or give them longer in soil? or maybe all 5 seeds are not good?

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When you get your seeds, read this pdf for germination instructions:

i would give it a try, it’s worth a shot!

Hey Kingshark:

For me I gave it everything I was supposed to do just to be sure. Just keep
checking temp, ph balance, and moisture to make sure any problem isn’t on
you. The next seeds I’m starting will have a daily log with readings. From
what I gather, as long as you are good on your end then ILGM keeps their

Good luck and post an update either way on how it goes.

The Girl Scouts seeds have been 12 days. How long until I give up on them germinating?

Followed the instructions. Still waiting. The Girl Scouts seeds have been 12 days in the recommended soil and pots. Have not given up. Following the instructions to the T. How long until I give up on them germinating?