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Hey guys. Im brand new to this site. Ive grown a few times outside and they always turnes out fine. This time I would like to grow compact plants indoors but I dont have any of the suggested or marketed products. Im using seeds I found in bags of dank. They germinated fine in soil and have been transferred containers once so far. I will upgrade one more time shortly. Right now I am using a combination of light inside with a fan, and transferring them outdoors during daylight hours with about hours of darkness. The bulbs are one led and two CFL in a regular houselamp. Soil is miracle grow potting mix and the seed pod substrate. Theyve only have water and a small amount miracle grow liquid plant food after I transferred them. I plan on to start using and epsom salt mix with watering soon.

I have noticed the base of the plants is considerably narrow still and the top growth is the stalk is starting to “S” curve. I condition the stalk often to help it grow so its strong but will there be an issue in the future? Anything you notice that could be the issue? Also, because I dont know the genetics of the seeds (one was a choco hybrid and the other lemon) is there anything I can do to make flowering easier? I would appreciate any advice.

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Miracle grow soil is not cannabis friendly. When you repot, use something balanced for cannabis.

They’ll need a LOT more light. Supplementing outdoor light with little leds will be fine in veg, but when it comes to flowering they’ll need full sun for 14+ hours a day.

An oscillating fan can put a gentle breeze across them. This will strengthen the main stalk


Thanks for the input. Whats the issue with the soil? Ph or something fixable? I have good natural soil available too. What soil characteristics do I need to change when repotting.
Also since I always used sunlight prior I guess Im unfamiliar with light cycles. Isnt flowering done with at least 12 hours darkness? I was unclear what you meant when you talked about the lighting in the future. Thanks again and in advance for sharing your knowledge.

MG soil is loaded with harsh fertilizers which are encapsulated and give up their contents gradually at every watering. So you are first burning the plant with harsh chemicals and second the soil is not buffered for the correct range of PH for cannabis. You need something more in line with tomatoes than generic soil. There are many organic soils that you can use but you need to stay away from any that say: ‘needs no feeding for 3 months’ or ‘moisture control’.

You will chase a cascade of lockouts and excesses throughout the grow and likely end up with harsh smoke. It CAN be used but needs lots of experience with the media.


Photo plants need at least 14-16 hours of light during veg. Below 14 and they start flowering.

Plus what he said about mg soil :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:
Dont feel bad, many of us have made the mg mistake (I did wayyyy back when).


Others passing along good info. In addition, what you’re seeing in the stem is from low light intensity. The plant responds by elongating between nodes trying to find more light.

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Pretty leaves…looks like you need to start giving them plant grow. I usually feed fert. Every other time to flush salts out a little… Miracle soil is fine as long as you had a good veg fertilizer…i perfer a nice coco coir mix…which it looks like you have some of that in there…now just find a good grow fertilizer. I was using FloraNova grow then switched to Black Magic bloom boost on my flowering plants and may switch to Black Magic grow. Its a 2 part fertilizer…for early growth use part A then you switch to part B. You can buy it online and pick it up at home depot.

Ive been waiting all day to reply, I used them all up yesterday lol

If I am going to have to get more light, what am I looking for that would work all around. I was just going to fill another lamp with the led bulbs, theyre super low watt though. I assume as already mentioned that the cfl bulbs wont give it enough light, theyre 130wt each. I have about a 4×4×4 spot and would grow more if I could feed them enough light.

Also, do light/dark times need to be the same everyday while they are growing like this? I just try to give them as much light as possible, switching between full sun outside if they can get it and the lamp indoors. Its never exactly the same every day though.

Thanks again!

Hey man, one of my plants stretched when it was a seedling so when I repotted it I buried up the stalk some. Can I scrape the stalk like it was a clone to make roots grow higher up or will they just stay how they are?

I knew that MG was bad for growing cannabis. I kept seeing post after post about FFOF so I went with them. I’m breaking in new FFOF right now and I can’t wait till the nutrients is gone in it.

I run 12/12 and it still takes 30 to 45 days to flower and then its on like Donkey Kong. :+1:

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I am not sure…id have to see a pic…but maybe making a post about it would help. I am no expert more like a plant whisperer. Lol im only on my 2nd grow. I have not learned the cloning part of growing. What do you mean stretched?

I mean it stretched like it got really tall too fast. Im wondering if I can promote root growth on the part of the stalk that used to be exposed.

@Bubblehead do you have any advice?


Hey I also asked this question about lighting but I never got an answer back? They said I didnt have enough light to flower so Im wondering what the best lights would be that would work for veg and flower if I cant use the ones. I have a 4x4 spot and Id eventually like to split it in half for flowering so maybe 2 2x4 spots if that would work. If you read up^ you can see how I have them now. Also, please keep in mind I am a poor and cannot afford the best stuff.
Thanks for the help

Man I’m not the light guy… lol I’m not a lot of things actually but I scrolled up and saw your lights… I’m usually the devil’s advocate and try to see it from both sides but yes, you definitely need some lights. It really really really really pays to do your research on this part. Don’t go straight to blurples if ya can help it financially. They will grow bud don’t let ppl tell you they won’t. BUT it will be airy, fluffly and miniscule. So invest wisely and listen to ones that have experience NOT thoughts. Thats a fact Jack


“Man I’m not the light guy… lol I’m not a lot of things actually” :joy: best thing Ive heard in a while. I need to start saying the same thing. Im just winging it. I dont understand the wattage requirement. I can do 900 watt cfl but they said those wont work. Do you know anyone to tag that would know and be able to answer?

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Get as much light as you can pay for… You want full spectrum with UVB. I’d go LEDs. Do a Google search. Best LED grow lights for 2020. You can also add in grow size… 3x3 4x4 ect. Good luck.


I’m currently getting Electric sky as currently the best on my Google search. Thats not an endorsement. Just what my search pulls up. Also look for dimmable. Plants need different spectrums @ different times in it’s life cycle…

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If you replanted an buried part of the stem it would root. It looks like you are in some big pots now so I’m not sure how to solve this, you could add more soil to the pots they are currently in.

As far as lights I’d recommend much better lights. I read you want to use a 4x4 area to grow in. Step back for a minute. Your usage rate will determine how much you need to grow. The look at your budget. The 4x4 area may be something you grow into over time. You may find you need to start with a 2x2 or 2x4 area. What is the most that you would like to spend on lighting?

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I think the cheapest way to go and what I would do if I was to start over tomorrow would be the 120 quantom boards from Amazon building my own. Get your driver (ballast) outsourced & wago wire connectors and power cord around town.



Ive never heard of building lights, are there tutorials? That might be an option. I didnt originally plan on buying anything so I didnt have a price in mind but maybe 100 or so right now. I thought of splitting the lighting area so I could continue to grow and flower plants on different schedules. Is there a specific wattage requirement? If the cfl bulbs are full spectrum why would they not work? I had originally bought a box of them and planned on tearing down fixtures to make a 6 buld light board. That would be around 900 watts for these bulbs.