No smell during flowering stage and at harvest!

I grow very similar to newbie. I just finished an indica dominant Godfather OG. She was kept in a bedroom at the back of the house. I live where legal. No filters and when people come over that is the first thing they notice. Something specific i do last 3 weeks is 35 to 40% rh, water beginning of each week with molasses and drop my dli to 40 to 45 depending on how she is doing.


These two spent there whole lives pretty much together in the same tent. Ledt hand almost no pot smell at all. Peppery if anything. The plant on the right unmistakably pot. And very strong smelling. Have to wait 30 days to see which is best tasting for smoke. But i but i already know.

I’ve been paying attention in my tent For this since this thread. At 5 1/2wks in, I’m cruising temps with 77on, and 69ish off… humidity 50-45%…
About 4 days ago the smell was only immediately around the Buds.
But heres the kicker-
I had forgotten to fortify my soil with a molasses dose. I usually do once a week with this … I was 2.5 wks overdue, and into week 5 of flower.
6 hours after the molasses the buds were terping their stank again…
So I’m gonna guess and say the soil reaches a stripped microbial point in the grow … then the terps are first to let you know .
molasses feeding definitely brought back the aromas!

Thank you CLICKYBONES, I will try the molasses! I heard about the Backstrap Molasses use for some time, just didn’t apply it!!

To be specific… Unsulfured

Made the order on Amazon already!! And it is Unsulfured!

Had the no smell issue when i first started growing…

It is more a heat issue than humidity, however the correct vpd is best for your stage and week.

With cheap lights and/or pour ventilation heat gets out of control, thus overheats the tricomes and evaporates the terpines. Plus cheap lights sometimes have IR which is heat.

Bspec for veg, Rspec for flower… And some far red at end of day, add little uva and b at the right times. Also remember there is watering and feeding days… I use recharge for watering phd to 6.5… About 3/4 cup per plant…and. . For feeding… Water, nutes, phd to 6.5… Feed to 10-20% runoff. Your replacing the old used up nutes and salts with new.

I still get nervous after harvesting a great smelling bud and get to the grass smalling stage of drying/curing… Once i got my dry tent environment controlled i eliminated all smell and taste issues.

Obviously… Genetics is factor number one… But if you evaporate your terps… There’s no getting it back.

@jamessilva get these things under control your buds should match or blow away your buddies.

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Yep… thought I mentioned that in this thread about 15 days ago…

Humidity was low, so the lights did a cook off

I don’t have to smoke my odorless buds! My buddy grows his outdoors as well as some of mine and enjoy the beautiful arimatic buds that draw in so smooth and leave the back end so flavorful per the strain!

Now, if you do know what my problem is that for the past 3 years, no matter what strain, feminized or autoflower and over 15 different strains I have tried growing in my indoor grow tent with the dimensions, 32" x 60" x 80" which Mars-Hydro has recommended their SP6500 and have been using for the past year still has not given me any aromatic budding plants, I would greatly appreciate it!!
Here is a picture of what most of my plants look like growing in a indoor grow tent. It is the Purple Punch Feminized Strain!

ClickyBones, I have ordered the BlackStrap Molasses and used it since the last time you gave me that tip, but the crop I used it on still did not produce that awesome aroma, not even at harvest.
Is there anything else you can think of that I may be doing wrong that is causing my non-aromatic budding plants??
With all the other childish comments I have received, I trust your mature expertise!
Here is a picture of my Purple Punch that I am ready to harvest that has no aroma as well.

Just curious what you meant by your comment on people who use HLG?

The purple punch looked nice… Seeds from ilgm?

Try Greenpoint seeds… They have a really good purple punch S1 feminized seeds pretty cheap. I have way too many seeds from way too many sources…as much as I appreciate ilgm and its forum… There are much better and cheaper genetics available from American companies. Remember ilgm is a bulk seed place. I’ve seeds from weedseedsexpress that came from the same address and packaging as ilgm… So an American fulfillment center is handling the seeds for others…

After genetics… Environmental… Nutrition…then proper drying and curing.

Each step could mess up the smell… If off or simply not paid attention to.

Do you use or pay attention to DLI or VPD?

The last few weeks of the DLI chart shows the DLI lowering… Also how close is your lights to the tops?

When drying… What’s your environment? About 60rh and 60F temp?

Do you pull it from there at about 10-12% moisture via a moisture meter or use the snap test for dryness?

Do you grove bag or jar for curing? How long?

I currently have six strains curing… Anything earlier than 4 weeks is kinda harsh and a bit chlorophyll tasting. More is better… Plus Potency may continue to rise during curing to a point. About half stink…

Comparing your buddies out door grow to an indoor not dialing in your stuff is apples to oranges.

I’ve tried the molasses thing many times… Was a waste didn’t improve a thing.

The molasses was suggested to kick start the carbohydrates/microbial interation with your root system. Coco has nada to offer in triggering this , and amending throughout is highly suggested.
Outdoor plants recalibrate themselves constantly with what’s available below, above, and around them…in turn they offer that one noticable ability to protect their hard worked assets=terpines.

Recharge is a great “go to” for constant upkeeping of the organics below. There’s no irony that it has molasses in it.

It cannot be ruled out that pheno, or temp played a role in your results, but give it another go, and incorporate more attention to an active soil.

It seems like buying Roots organics original would be easier.

Since I started using it after a suggestion from @BobbyDigital I have never gone back.

It has Coco fiber in it I believe plus all the other goodies.

I use Recharge on light watering days… Try to feed to 20% runoff with nutes twice a week. Watering lightly in between.

Also use great white at germination, and all transplants… Plus Tribus Original at watering days…

Have never had healthier plants and dense healthy roots since.

I also believe the genetics and phenotypes are a factor as well…
One downer about growing seeds… Always looking for a great phenotypes to bloom.

But I need to make one point @jamessilva
Stinky or not my buds still get me f’in high… Still sticky, still covered in trichs.

I can understand not selling it or sharing it if your that sensitive about the quality you provide… But to refuse to smoke your own… Just seems… Sorry… But foolish… After all the time, electricity, water, nutes, etc… It sounds simply wasteful… Seeing your pics you obviously can grow weed… It’s not rocket science… I have wasted weed I messed up… Pounds… It does suck… But to refuse to smoke my own out of envy of a friend… Seems… Well a bit unbelievable I guess.

No offense intended. Just curious your rationale?