No smell during flowering stage and at harvest!

Please listen to my question and if you know the answer I will appreciate hearing it!
(I apologize, but I have asked this question earlier but I only heard people say, genetics, cloning your good grows, etc.,etc., etc.)
I have grown marijuana outdoors in the 80’s without any cost in doing so and they grew beautiful and flowered with the most awesome aroma!
I am now growing cannabis in an indoor grow tent and have tried over 15 different strains(auto and photo) and not one of them put out that awesome aroma during the flowering stage.
My temps are kept between 75°-85°F and humidity 50-70. I give it half the recommended nutrients with each watering. I will attach a couple pictures of my last harvest, they just did not put out that beautiful aroma that I would have had if I grew it outdoors.
Can someone please tell me why my buds do not put out any beautiful smell(aroma)?
This is the Runtz Strain,…


I have noticed this as well and i blame it on messed up genetics. Many of my little experiments to test this have been inconclusive but always seem to point me in that direction

Nice looking Runtz @jamessilva
I had a similar problem after contracting the Chinese Virus.
Previous grows the smell got stronger as plants matured. My wife would tell me about it wafting through the house.
After we both got the Chinese flu I didn’t notice that smell anymore. The odor of my dogs wasn’t there anymore as well. I had my friends verify it was just me, they could smell what I couldn’t.
Now that’s it been over a year and my nose is working again.

My advice to you is get a second opinion and make sure your nose is not failing you now.


Nose blindness! It is happening to me currently with my indoor grow. I tend to my grow every day, bringing my ladies out to water, prune, exe… As I was tending to my crop the other day my wife came home and said omg I could smell that plant before I even walked in the door. I said really? I leaned in and took a big wiff, but nothing. I truly could not smell a thing. Nose blindness is a temporary, naturally occurring adaptation of your body. Reminded me of when I used to work at Pizza Hut. I worked around pizzas all day and my sniffer just got used to the smell. When I delivered the pie’s people would say wow that smells good and I’d be like ok if you say so. lol Not sure if this is happening to you but I thought I would just drop in my dime. peace!


I have a buddy that grows his outdoors and we share each other’s harvest and I can smell his right through the plastic and box he has it packaged in and when smoking it I get a better flavored smoke!
Is there not someone out there that also grows using an indoor grow tent?

I am currently a DWC grower but did grow in soil for years…my first reaction is your nutrient/soil is not right…she grows but not with all her might

I was wondering about this. My plant is Trainwreck (photoperiod) and I notice there’s no real strong skunk smell. I smelled it mostly during the veg stage than I do now. But maybe it’s just me and I’m use to it. I wouldn’t be able to tell unless I had a person not use to the smell of cannabis to tell me. I’ve had Covid 3 times but I don’t think it’s affected my taste or smell. So I’m not sure. Friend came over yesterday told me it smells subtly dank but who knows. Long as she smoked good that’s what counts. And I know people have said the smell really is intense when you cure it (this is my first grow). I do smell it up close, I do get a bit of a lemon-earth-pine like smell

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Wow I don’t know the answer but I do know I had to get a carbon filter for my tents because the smell was insane ( more than I had imagined it would be). :person_shrugging: I have read some people say some do not smell for whatever reason but I got no clue.

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Out of curiosity, what soil is this you are using?

I started with 75% Coco Bliss and 25% Coarse Perlite then the Fox Farm Ocean Potting Soil. The nutrients for Veg stage are the Grow Big and Flowering a big bloom 0-5-4 nutrient along with, Super Thrive for all the stages.

The pictures I showed are a mistake. You can go by my first post pictures. They are the true Runtz strain I last harvested.

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I have had a carbon filter from the first time I started growing indoors over 3 yrs ago and haven’t needed using it yet!! I can still smell okay because my friend grows outdoors and we exchange each others harvests and his smells right through the box he has it packaged in!!
I also have him grow a plant for me after germinating a few(same strain) and they always have an awesome aroma, just not mine! When pinching the bud and smelling my fingers I get a good smell and they are always sticky as well. My buds are also so covered with crystals that this mystery has me bewildered. Like I mentioned before, with no more than the cost of the seeds I can get them to grow outdoors with an amazing aroma! No special soil or nutrients! I am using a MarsHydro SP6500 light and use a Vivosun fan with a 6" diameter hose for ventilation.

Artificial lighting will never match good 'ol Sol.
Just like hydroponic tomatoes can look wonderful but have no smell and very little taste.

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I too am a DWC grower. I can definitely smell mine. Before COVID I could smell more, I think. Before right after COVID it took about 8 months until it started coming back to me. My wife brings friends at work small gifts and they know when she walks in the door she’s holding.
I’ve been using the GH line of nutrients. For flavor and aroma this includes a whole barrage of additives. I use these plus GH RapidStart with clones and seedlings and Botanicare Hydroguard throughout grow except stopping a week before flush starts.

When I did grow outdoors back in the day, the only thing I did was germinate the seeds a friend gave me then put them in JiffyPots and from there I would transplant them into 5 gallon pots with cinders/gravel and good Ole mother dirt. All of which did not cost me 1 red cent. Then I watered as needed until it was ready to harvest. What I got with this little knowledge was a beautiful flowered plant that was so sticky and put out a awesome aroma you just wanted to take a bite from it.
I am tapping in to the outside air to ventilate my indoor grow tent along with a couple Carbon Dioxide Boosters. So why am I unable to reach the level of achievement as I experienced in the past??

HaHA! You’re likely a bit nose blind and, I think, You’re missing that old tried and true #1 Skunk aroma that was around back in the 80’s. Was quite a bit of it actually. And quite a bit of some other stuff was too! I’m 53 now so yeah, the 80’s. I currently growing some now and wow! I’ve said more than once in the last week or 2, It takes me back to when I was a teen.

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Weren’t you listening to anything I have been posting??
I have a buddy that grows his plants outdoors and that is where I am getting my current smoke from. Every time I pick it up he has it bagged and put in a box. While driving home I can smell the buds right through the baggy and the box he has it packed in!!
Now how is it Nose Blind???

Let us get back to why “my” flowering plants(buds) which I am growing in an indoor grow tent are not putting out the aroma I am so used to smelling from Marijuana plants.

Does anyone have the answer to my issue??
Again, it is not an issue with me and every strain I germinate, I germinate an extra one and get it to veg. stage then give it to my friend to grow the remainder of it’s 3 week life(autoflower) outdoors. When comparing the both at harvest you couldn’t believe they were the same strain because the one I gave him was so sticky and the aroma coming from it was very strong, but mine had and still has no smell!! They are SISTERS!!!
Is there not a detective out there that can answer this for me so I can correct whatever is the problem and start smoking my own potent smelling buds??

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I would like to see a closeup picture of your trichomes development. Smell is directly related to trichomes and terpenes.

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But how is the smoke @jamessilva ??
From the finished plant?

What medium and nutes are you using?

Ok, I went back and read your post. More nutrients brother. I feed hell out of mine. Full strength. I am at the higher end of the recommended dosages. I wouldn’t think the tent has anything to do with it not having a good nose on it. I sure would NOT be using half the amount of recommended nutrients tho. I use all organic nutrients also. But I put the juice to them. You can always add some scent to it too during the last half of flower. I did find this for ya mate… Why Do My Buds Have No Smell? | Botany Farms