No Shipping To Canada?

Even though it is now completely legal here the website say no shipping to Canada. I’m genuinely curious as to why that is.

In the meantime, Crop King/Rocket Seeds have suggested I find a new vendor in their condescending email to me so, who can ship to Canada without raping me on cost? Any and all suggestions welcome!

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Im in Canada too. I ordered my seeds through DR SEEDS. No issues with shipping at all and can pay through interac e transfer :+1:

I’ve never been officially told the reason why, but I always figured the office was trying to be on the right side of government regulation. I’m guessing most of the Canadian seed banks are shipping domestically there? Did you try BC bud depot or True north? I feel like I see those mentioned here a lot.

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I order direct from seed breeders or collectors. Lumberjack seeds in Cali will ship to BC, as will RSC, and many others. The issue is that seed being sold to Canada must be properly tested and cleared through agriculture for a few reasons, one is to ensure the seed is not infected, no insects, not invasive, complies with the agricultural trade regulations. For this reason, all seed vendors outside of Canada ship in discreet packaging because they are breaking import laws with regard to non approved agricultural products.


Thank you all for the explanations. The Health Canada/agricultural aspect makes sense.

I will try Dr. Seeds first as I find True North to be pricey, $20+ for one seeds seems a bit over the top to me.

I can’t wait for our border with the United States to open up so I can get to my mailbox in Buffalo!

I ordered with True North and it is legit. Solid customer service. You will be forced to buy a toy or some shit for 10 bucks but it makes it no problem.

I ordered from True North too, legit as said. Got a free seed too, they are OK. I am in Canada, so I ordered just the seeds; seems like getting a T-shirt or “gift” is to smooth the parcel from Canada thru US Customs.

I’m from Malaysia and I really want to buy seed from this bank can you provide guide or anything thank you :heart:.