No seeds yet update 4/15

Can u tell me were order is at ? Thank you. First order didn’t reach me was sent again I’m hopeing for a touchdown the second time around Claire " promised

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Customs has really upped their game as of lately. I have spoken with a couple of other seed companies that I have done extensive business with and they are experiencing excessive problems with seized packages, too, lately. You must understand, one of the biggest issues with seed companies, including the companies that produce their own seeds, is not getting or producing seeds, it is getting the seeds to their destinations. They need to be ingenious in shipping their products when they’re going up against entire agencies determined to find our seeds.

Still no seeds) and my fist order I got turned herme, thats so not cool so that means my other two orders are herme to thats not cool:( I had high hope when I ordered my first time now im disappointed (fair dose not exists anymore) ill give one more weeks for order to come then im reporting to cc this is just to long

I swear to god, don’t nobody give any specifics of shipment details, etc, puts more risks of shippings, etc. I mean, they replace the “lost shipments”, etc. What with nearly half of the states with medical marijuana, four or five places with legal recreational like Oregon where I am at, if they have ramped up anything, they should leave the allowed states alone.

Even though I have gotten a sense of legitimacy, I almost wonder if I should get me a separate mail boxes etc, not use regular email except elsewhere or a secure server website, etc.

They sure don’t mind the borders at all though, do they? But they got to get all mindful of stuff coming in? What a big big joke, I mean, if they hadn’t gotten Osama bin laden back several years ago, he could have walked right across the border, or driven across it problem free most likely.

But like I said, talking about any details only could help out the “a dozen donuts a day keeps the doctor away” folks.

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Yet another trip to mailbox and nothing and now where going on a new month…I was really looking forward to my new hobby what a letdown talk to some pretty nice people on this site and have gained much knowledge got free book maybe not seems like that’s what I paid for…I’ll give it till it’s officially 1 month then call cc or request refund

I know it might seem like a pain, but you got to hound them in the e-mail, the, the “orders” people are the only ones that can help you and it seems that e-mail gets flooded. I honestly don’t know what the problems might be other than that. Maybe put “attention waiting on paid for order” in the subject line or something like that.

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They don’t work seven days a week. They do handle a flood of email questions as well as order inquiries. It can take 24 to 48 hours to hear back from them. Make sure your spam filter has the domain whitelisted.

Mines took for ever, like 50 day ,weekends don’t count as shipping days; I was about to report my self them they came check all your mail they hide real good

it is now 5/11
I am still waiting… been weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks… do I get interest back on my money? I have examined the package I still have crushed and and the seed count that should have been there was no where near the right number obvious even smashed. I was waiting on these (first order), to make a second one but no way till I get something… or send money back…keeping your good reputation. I also appreciate the archives and guides, not to mention free book download

I don’t understand how all your seeds get crushed. I have received my seeds every time within 2 weeks. That’s 30+ orders over the last 8 years or so

after reading yours and a couple others from PAST…I don’t know why either? but there were many crushed pk. posts…? I wrote support again

Same here received crushed was suppose to 5 and 5 free no way it was 10 seeds even crushed

I wouldn’t doubt it if them cbp !@#$ers were taking some and crushing the rest!!

I got an email back… apparently another packaging problem happened and attended to. So another few days. but I like that they wrote me back.

I’ve made one order and I got my 3 auto AK-47 seeds to Washington, DC 8 calendar days after they were shipped. Just for the sake of noting another experience.

I am still waiting…

I am getting fed up with excuses for why I have not received my seeds… the crushed pack a month or more ago dd not have 10 seeds in it…no way…so been told twice they were shipped …last week told 2 days well its May 18th…can I get my money back??? I mean I have been very patient and you have had my money or awhile …interest??? lol 2 (months)
I HAVE to keep writing to bug you for it i’m told??? I love your site but I am now getting nervous about it.


Same here order 5 5 free when they came crushed and no way was it ten emailed back was told if not received in 10 more days to write back did that on Friday no response yet still going thru emails will give couple more days

I ordered seeds on March 1, 2015. Payment processed on March 2, 2015. Received notification seeds were sent. They never came. Contacted ILGM after 30 business days.notified re-shipped on April 17, 2015. Not arrived yet, now May 18, 2015. I could have grown a crop in the time Iv’e been waiting. What’s the deal here?