No see ums? Help me get back into my room

So I am Having major issues being able to be in my room for even 30 mins as it feels like when your outside on a summer night and the no see ums (midges) are out. When working for a few hours I come out itching like crazy, my head, skin etc, even through clothing it seems. Making it very unpleasant to be in the room.

I am growing indoors, In soil, in a garage that is separate from the house, in the backyard, pretty well insulated, certainly not air or bug tight by any means but not to bad and will get better (Hepa screens on the way). My plants are just about to be flipped to 12/12. They were obtain from a very reliable source that is not experiencing these issues. I have had them in my beds for 10 days. The soil has sat in my room for 14 days beforehand. I have 5- 4ftx 5 ft beds 6-7 plants per. This is brand new growing medium Fox Farm Happy Frog, Sunshine #4 mix. first run in this medium. I was told to flush with the issues I was having and certainly had the beds a bit too wet for a day or two this was 5 days ago. I have watered once since, yesterday, it needed it.

The plants seem ok thus far growing well, most looking good, new growth looks great - a few things early on that may have just been shock HOPEFULLY Maybe more to come on this… back to the bugs…

I have these sticky’s up and am catching these fuckers…are they fungus gnats or midges or what…? I will post better pics in a few hours.

I have sprayed twice with Flying skull nuke 'em. I also have Big time exterminator same ingred. as the nuke .

All natural methods of wiping these bastards out are what I I seeking from you kind souls
Please help me get back to what I love an stop this incessant itching.

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Those are fungus gnats. I use Mosquito Bits (a natural product) when I have a fungus gnat issue and it takes care of it, sprinkle on top of soil and water in to kill off the larvae and put a stop to the life cycle… Could also use some DE (diatomaceous earth) sprinkled on top of the soil but I hate using it, messy and gets everywhere.


Cool much appreciated. I have seen and been recommended this product from others. I have a product called BMC Microbe lift which is also BTI (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) the active ingredient in Mosquito bits. I have been spraying my soil with it. It is also a component of my nute mix of which I have only just started to feed them a few days ago. I can only hope this will take care of things soon as it sucks to not be able to enjoy being in either room.

Seems much better but still feeling little itches, bites even after only spending 20 mins in the room. Have another room that is separated by panda plastic, maybe 8x10, a workshop really…place to store mix nutes, keep tools etc. I even feel the bugs after spending a little time in there, Sitting here itching as I type :anguished: it sucks, this developed at the same time as outbreak in room, so it is not a separate thing.

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So, gnats fall into a category, stated correctly by @rojimmy50 as midges. Within this you have biting and non biting midges. Biting midges atleast in the states are usually either sand fleas or no see ums. Super hard to identify so most “experts” just say biting midge. (Biting will have a noticeable mandible)

If you’re getting bit, that would not be a fungus gnat - aka non biting midge. More than likely you are dealing with no see ums (I’m guessing you have sandy soil at your home?)

I would use BTi as @Hellraiser suggested. This is a great product to use as a preventative but will not eradicate an infestation on its own. Also keep using a liberal amount of sticky pads to eliminate adults as well as identify population count.

The over watering was the issue - continue to dry your soil out and I’d wait to solve the issue before switching into flower. Maybe a couple weeks.

I looked up the product you used but the active was citric acid? That won’t work. You’ll need to use a Neonicotinoid like immidicloprid or friprinol. I’d recommend temprid fx by bayer. I would pull the plants to an isolated area in the house as you treat you garage tent etc. spray baseboards and corners well as well as around lights. Let it dry and then return plants.

Tag me if you have any questions down the road… I work in pest control for my 9-5 :+1: goodluck