No root bound issue!

Ok… Transplanted her but thàt was not thé issue.

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Did you water after transplant? Also you could have just kept posting in the same thread… no need to keep making me ones.


It looks like a little shock from transplant. Give her a couple days and see if she perks up.


Yes…just 2 quarts.

I love the milk crates, that’s a great idea! What are you using as an insert?

Give it a few days. Some times they go into a little shock. Mine was sad for a few days following


I need to post a pic. I got these green cloth shopping bags that fit across your cart/buggy and fill with groceries. I put it in the milk crate and…should she need to be flushed or moved, I can do it with ease!!
Trying to work this hobby smarter not harder!! :joy:

Oops I responded but not to you!!! Sorry

Here is her grow bag!

And in a pinch those cloth bags from Walmart and others work also :+1:


That’s great, something that’s less expensive that I can get locally without having to wait for Amazon to deliver them! I will get a few today as I have 3 to move to their final pots. Thanks for the info!! @Strokeman

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She’s not looking much better than this morning.
Her at 6am today

This was about 130pm today.

And now…

What can I do??

She’s just in shock, be patient she’ll perk up in a day or two.

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She’s feeling out her new home. That’s taking her energy at the moment. She will b great in a day or 2


I’m hoping she will snap out of this funk she’s in.

Thanks for everyone’s assistance, advise… Encouragement!! So happy to be a part of this group!!

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She is now too wet!!
Gonna pamper her this weekend.

I do see lil flowers!!!

I switched her lights last Saturday…and yes, shortly after she started looking ill.
I watered her, transplanted her and now I’m gonna wait and see.


Patience is something we all have problems with. Im afraid your still overwatering her. Shes been thru alot these past days, let her dry out & get use to surroundings.


I definitely wouldn’t pamper her. The best thing to do is not love it too much. Let her dry out completely before you water again.

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Tbh to me your soil looks dry though, can you take some pictures with your lights off of the plant and the inside of the pot