No response from IGLM

I have several different seeds not germinate. I have contacted IGLM but not heard back. Any suggestions?

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If it was over the weekend or so give a few days for response. They get overwhelmed with orders and stuff. They will get in toich with u.

Please fill in the contact form on our website, you can find it here:
Also check spam folder, sometimes they end up there

I have done that twice and its been over a month since I first contacted them,

My entire account is missing too so no way to look previous credits and purchases

They had to change platforms for the store but they are working on it. I think everyone account is like that


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Hell I had 15 strawberry Kush and now I got 20 10 + 10 and then I got 10 and another deal but I had 30 Amnesia Haze that all of them sprouted but as soon as they went into the soil they died all but one now why is that? The seeds measured from anywhere from .07 mm by . 09 mm but I mean I had bag seeds that were like a .29 by . 33 mm you know with big tiger stripes on them. I complained about it I lgm told me it was my fault it was a soil I was using so I took a loss on that so I guess I won’t order from Ayo GM no more I guess I just lost a customer. The real kicker is I use 100% organic with my soil I’ve got seeds now the sprouting I have no issue with my soil but they still said it’s a soil issue okay I spent $4 2 500 on seeds y’all got me for that’s $300 worth were even

I am going thru all the seeds I purchased a while back and keep going til some sprout I guess. I always praised this company but have changed my mind quickly and will not advise anyone to use them. Too bad

I had a fantastic experience last year.Fantastic support and good results?

This year the exact opposite. Seeds germinating but not growing once placed in soil. Exact same protocol as last year and poor results. All efforts to contact via multiple emails for weeks have failed. Very frustrated and displeased.

Know they had website hosting issues but this is really poor service.