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Before I go on a web wide rant of negative feedback about how ilgm ignored my inquiry about 240$ worth of seeds that are either not germinating or dying off before the sprout sheds it’s shell: I thought I’d start here and see if anyone can tell me, do they really honor their germination guarantee or do I just assume they don’t care at all. These are the first seeds from ILGM that have failed me. Also, am I the only one that finds having to do anything with ILGM customer support is an annoying circular process?

Ps… before we assume i am an idiot… yes I am well versed on how to germinate and grow. My garden is full of full bushy plants with fat buds galore. I just want the seeds that are bad replaced please.

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what seeds did you have?

I had a mixpack that was like that. It had been delayed in the postal system several days and I wondered if it was radiated or x-rayed to death, but it did exactly what you are describing. Half never germed, most of the rest produced deformed, wonky sprouts. One even sent its taproot in circles and the root popped up out of the dirt instead of the plant. I would have thought it was just me, but a mixpack has seeds from three different strains which means three different batches of seeds. Something happened during shipping that compromised the seeds. Anyway, customer service replaced them. Communicate kindly with them and they will take care of you. They are slow to answer sometimes and covid has made things even more complicated.


Super skunk

I also have a miss pack of amnesia haze, blueberry and northern lights auto flower that are not cooperating

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I’m not sure of the time span from when you contacted customer service, but they’re in a different time zone, and it does take awhile to hear back them, but I’ve always had them to be reliable in responses.
They’ll replace them.

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I second what @covertgrower says.

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Several decades of “trying” to find honest dependable consistently quality seeds, information and customer service…ILGM is best I have experienced. Have not lost any orders in mail. Places in Holland, London and Canada…took my money orders. Some never sent anything. Most sent crap seeds-old failed to hatch. Most took 2 months and was never satisfied with the transactions. Very unhappy camper when 80% of many seedlings turned male. Did have some ILGM seeds that never hatched…was quickly and cheerfully replaced.
ILGM maybe having problems related to The Virus, but, would be very disappointed to hear customer service is in the dumps.
I really hope that is not the current state of affairs.

Yes they honor their guarantee.