No power, now what now


we lost power for 2 days. we purchased a generator that allowed us to run the lights for about 6 hours yesterday and power back on today. should we keep the schedule we had or give them some light now and then back to regular 12/12? the girls dont look stressed but watching them closely @dbrn32, @bob31, @Countryboyjvd1971, @Corso2


I think you’ll be fine if you maintain the schedule you were on prior to outage. That stuff happens to all of us. Have never experienced any issues with short term random outage. If it were to happen regularly or for extended period of time maybe.


luckily the temp in the room didnt get below 50C especially since it got down in to the teens last night


My understanding stressing the plant causes it to produce more tricomes so I would imagine yoy will be fine I’d you resume your regular light schedule and you should be ok.


Just continue with your light schedule. Giving them a longer light period is bad once you begin flowering. A shorter light period is fine. This happens in nature all the time. No wild growing plant gets a consistent amount of light.


I think the only time it would matter is if you are trying to keep them in vegetative state. Then they need less than 12 hours of darkness. But it doesn’t have to be continuous. So you could run the generator (and lights) for half an hour every six hours. The only problem is they would not make much THC during that time but they would not go into flower.