No nutrients yet in soil from seed 25 days


These are : 5 Super Skunk
5 Northern Light
5 OG Kush
They have NOT received any nutrients at all. Not until they show me that they need some.
I use, Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix
I always had trouble from the very start with seedlings and it didn’t stop until I stopped giving nutrients and over watering them. I have learned to watch the plant and look for any changes from the day before.
It’s not that hard as you can see.
I will post updated pic’s from time to time to show progress.


Lights, power/watts, heat and ventilation, HID and LED
Lights, power/watts, heat and ventilation, HID and LED

Will hopefully I can get these results , I have 4 seedlings just sprouted and the one bag seed plant still showing progress that I stressed out . But if I can get all 4 seedlings here to the forth or sixth node I’m switching them to flower . Only going to give nutrients twice once in veg and once in flower that’s it . 4 week in veg and 3 week in bloom and try to finish so I can figure it all out . But I germed to many seeds for grow space so I’m gone try the sea of green process and see if I can get some buds . But I’m gone need a fan to help with heat with light on full 100% spectrum because it puts out powerful intensity . But will you seem to have the science down .


Do you have any problems with the Mir/gro M/C being a little too hot(the added nutes in the potting mix)for newly sprouted seedlings?


For us who grow in soil it’s what you start with THE SOIL starting with a good soil with just right amount nutrients mixed in.
It’s taken me 3 yr,s to get this far. Stoner and Latewood have been very helpful over the past yr, plus all the research and lots and lots of reading.
but with that being said…I don’t mind at all in sharing what I know



Thanks Will.
BTW Nice grow you’ve got going there.


Not at all Russ,
I hear all the time about the Fox Farm being WAY TO HOT and The M/C. It is if you add more to it Ya it’s going to be to hot for them.
As you can see for your self 3 different strains all doing great in the M/C from seedlings and when there ready for the 3 gal bucket they will have the same soil.


I’m using a very detail mix of fox farm red bag , fox farm ocean forest blue bag , coco coir mix with 3 cups of perlite , roots organic , with one cup of vermiculite and a 3/4 of dolomite lime mix in a five gallon bucket . I germ 4 seeds and all for have sprouted . Now Russ when you start seedlings , no nutrients at all for the first 4 weeks unless you use just coco coir , but when you transplant for best results layer your soil from bottom to top . Example in 3 gallon pot I did , Clayton rocks 1 inch on bottom , than 2 full cups 8 oz of fox farm red bag & ocean forest mix one the very bottom , than I mix one cup of fox farm mix with 4 cups of coco coir mix with lime , vermiculite , and perlite the rest of the 3 gallon bucket to cover transplanted seedling and wet it thoroughly until it runs out the bottom . Check ph , than
after all the water run off out of the soil , I pour it off and dry off the run off and maybe water in 1-3 days depending on how fast the soil drys . Again no nutrients for at least 4-6 weeks or until I see the 7 or 9 leaf signature fan leaf than I give a half of what the nutrient system calls for in one gallon of ph water once for that week and just water . Make sure you keep a detailed watering schedule on a calendar or composition note book or tablet but keep track of your watering schedule it’s a must . For as me I learned quite a bit from latewood , mangy re and will in the last 4 weeks that has got me further than where I started , these guys give helpful information . Now hopefully that will help you get started in veg , I have yet to make it to flower , but looking forward to it by following these guys information . For as nutrients depending on soil , less is more , take baby steps in feeding liquid nutrients are you will immediately start seeing problems like I have . Growing is patience , and it takes time , it’s a step to step process , but yet also the grow bible will help as well . You have to learn to listen to your plants , they do talk !!!


Hey Yoshi when you say you mix 1 cup of fox farm mix with 4 cups of coco coir with lime,is that 1 cup of ff red bag and ocean forest mixed?I ask cause I have alot of ocean forest and would like to try your mixture


Yeah I mixed one 8 oz cup of fox farm red bag planting soil with one 8 oz cup of fox farm ocean forest light blue bag , and 3 cups 8 oz perlite , with one 8 oz cup of vermiculite , and 4 cups 8 oz of coco coir , and 2 cups of roots organic , and one full 8 oz cup of dolomite Pelletize lime , and mixed thoroughly in 5 gallon bucket . This mixed has gave me success with 7 sprouted germinated seeds so far , but I over killed 2 giving liquid nutrients 2 weeks growing and the soil had all what they needed . All I had to do was water them for like 4-6 weeks with no nutrients and they would have been fine . But I manage to save one plant by flushing it and transplanting it to a 3 gallon from a 2.5 liter pot , by layering the soil from bottom to top , with most coco coir and perlite on top mainly , and it revived and started new growth after about a week and half or so , but fox farm ocean forest has perlite in it , verses fox farm red bag is just a dense soil medium mix but also is ph . So if you layer your soil in layers from strongest to weakest , as the plant grows it will mature enough and develop roots for the strong ph time release fox farm on bottom without burning them to much , and you won’t get so many headaches like I experienced . But if you use the brown bag happy frog by fox farm you should be okay for seedlings for about 4-6 weeks as well than using my mix . I was so confused on why they were burning so early thinking the soil was to strong , I decided to experiment after purchasing different brands to start seeds , and that’s how I came up with that mix …trial by way of fire , error and plenty headaches with no smoke to burn flipping sucks , besides being over anxious and trying to rush the immature plants to grow faster . But ocean forest I believe is mixed with balance ph to where just need water in the beginning , and the god farm potting soil is a heavy dense soil with no perlite , so it’s heavy and holds water but it’s time released ph as well . I used the coco to off set the 2 because coco has no nutrients or micro organic so in it , so I figured it would help to neutralize the 2 .


Sweet Yoshi I greatly appreciate it.i have an abundance of ocean forest and I keep hearing its too hot for seedlings so if I can buy some good stuff to mix it with at the beginning of the month then that would be great.I’ve been having some trouble starting but everyone has been so helpful.I was also thinking of trying 2 in miracle grow cause garrigan62 seems to be doing just fantastic with it but I’ve also already purchased all fox farm stuff so I need to use it up too


Yeah but he had lots of issues until he figure it all out , he also gives great info from all his trail and error . Before you consider my mix , I think the way I been doing it I have to re-think it thoroughly because of magnesium lock out . I’m seeing yellowing on one seedling already that’s the tallest of the 4 in just 3 days , so you might just want to use the ocean forest first with just one seed at first to see how it goes for the first 2 weeks or so before you run into problems . Because since I have 4 different soil mediums I’m going to try one seedling in each of them to see what results I get since I have 4 seedlings sprouted . I’m putting one in ocean forest , one in fox farm potting soil red bag mixed with perlite , one in coco coir mixed with perlite and one in roots organic . And I will inform you on which one gave me the best results in the next 2 weeks , but what I do know as of now , if you growing in a tent , you will have to move cool air in but not make the seedlings to cold and move hot stale out from the heat off the lights , so I just order fans and filter to do that , so just to inform you of that before you get started , because stale air will slow down your growth significantly . Humidity and temperature plays a big part as well , the more space you have it takes the air longer to become stale . I have a small tent with a powerful led light so my air gets stale in a matter of 2-3 hours of running and heat becomes an issue as well , so I have to get the air moving fast if I wish to see growth . I have a bag seed plant that is still about 7 inches tall and it’s been vegging for 8 weeks now and it has not growed much do to being stressed and mag lock out . But it’s from heat , stale air , and ph to high for indica strain . So you might want do a survey of your own with the ocean forest , and if you have the liquid nutrients trio , you might need to add the tiger bloom to help with the magnesium lock out from what I read , it said grow big and tiger bloom would help with the defiencies not big bloom , so considering you gone have to find your sweet spot due to climate of where you are , temperature , humidity , and fresh air moving in and out of the tent , a fan on the plants won’t be enough by it self , at least it’s not for me in my small grow tent . I have a 2x2x5 which is real small .


Hi Will, so you will use MC potting for the final soul in the permanent bigger pots? I have two week old seedlings in MC potting now and was going to ask your advice on soil to use for final pots. As always thanks.


I never attempt to insult anyone here on the ILGM forum. I hope you all consider that. No offense meant to anyone here.

I do not believe in, and would like to guide you all away from, Miracle grow potting mix. Using Miracle Grow is not allowing you all to identify the transition of cycles that a MJ plant goes through, because you are constantly fighting imbalance in your nutrient regimen.

Build your own soil, Or; Use ProMix BX. This allows you to use nutrients for the entire grow. You will know exactly what the plants are being fed.

For optimum results; All MJ growers hould invest in a Reverse-Osmosis unit for water purity. Again; This allows you to know exactly what you are feeding your plants.



i’em going to go with Latewood even though I have had pretty good luck with it. I just never add nutrients for quite awhile just rain water.
Now this time I used MC but I mixed it with soil ment for seedlings with no netrients and they are doing very well I just don’t know where to get this soil he Latewood talks about .
Because at some I would like to mix my own soil for my girls.

And Latewood…I know you never mean any insult to anyone, I very much value your’ s and Stoner’opinion very much.
So no harm done.



I saw pro mix bx at my local hydro store it was really cheap for the huge square you get,I guess I’m off to get some and do some transplanting


Right on Cash…i’em going to Google it for the nearest place from where I live. Good luck with the transplant.



Late will this stuff work mixed with perlite ??

Thank you



Late also realize please I’m not a hydroponic grower. So I’ll be using the pro mix as you would soil. Thanks for your advice. Roger


Obviously it’s not a Hydro set up it’s a soil set up thank you Roger