No more goofing around anymore

For informainformational purposes only. Goofing around for almost a year. Freezing conditions in the winter, over a hundred degrees in the summer end product suffered severely. Many people don’t realize the environmental conditions of growing indoor is very sensitive to the potency of the end product. New - 5 by 5 tent, AC pumping air into tent, the portable AC even has Heat. also 200 CFM intake fan with filter-feeding air into the tent, 6 in exhaust 390 cfm with filter out of tent. Negative air pressure set exactly where I like it. Tent walls are not tightly sucking in just relaxing sucking in , A Humidifier because the humidity has gone down to 30% in this dry air. Need between 40-60 New setup can’t wait till these babies are huge. There you have it simple setup. It’s a room in a room trying to keep the environment humidity temperature at a control level so far so good. I will definitely run the humidity down to 40% during flower. If anyone have any questions feel free to ask. Going on two years of grow and I have learned a tremendous amount of information. I only use 7 gallon fabric pots and Fox Farms ocean Forest. Don’t start feeding until 3 or 4 weeks nitrogen( soil has plenty , adding more will burn the tips of your leaves) but do start the Big Bloom which has the food meal worms , bat shut etc… for the first 3 weeks without Big Grow yet. And only use half soil is already hot. Some who have been growing for a long time say Fox Farms is for beginners but I am always a beginner because I will never learn everything there is to know . It flushes easily out of the plant and the plants love the stuff. No taste whatsoever a fertilizer like the other stronger products have even after 2 weeks of flush. The temperature were over a hundred degrees in the tent grow and still got great product but no flavor or smell. With this new setup I hope I can save that terpene and flavonoids.


Look around this forum to learn even more. :grinning:

Yes, thank you.