No luck w/indoor DWC considering switching to organic soil

fyi - I went back to a 7 day res change, doubled the hydro to 4ml/gall, and doubled cal/mag from 1/8 to 1/4 dose, no change on the bloom dosage. Both res’ had greenish powder where the water sits. Rinsed the roots 3x and soaked them in r/o water for 30 minutes. Noticed pieces of green roots in the res. Bubbles is looking pretty droopy at res change, but is still sprouting new leaves on top.

I think that could be an intelligent way to split one chiller into multiple reservoirs. You’ll very likely need to play the adapter game since that manifold is meant for air hoses, not water, but I have to also - somehow I’ve got 1/4”, 5/16” and 1/2” tubing all connected to my chiller/pump assembly. It’s a pain but it works.

A 40GPH isn’t going to cut it I don’t think. You’ll probably want Water pump from Amazon Or something like it. I don’t remember what @peachfuzz suggested but that’s the rate of flow you’ll want. You’re gonna have a weird time if you don’t find a way to get your buckets interconnected though.

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fyi - I’m looking into chillers, sub pumps and a manifold meant for air but would like to try it for water. Gray suggested a 200gph pump

ok guys, I took your advice and found a good deal on

I bought the 1/4hp because I plan on splitting it into 2 reservoirs but it will take up the entire grow footprint with the plants centered under the light. I plan on using 3/4" tubing as the main line then split it to 1/2" in and again on the out, pretty smart eh?

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I’ll be very excited to see how that plays out for you. I have a 1/10 HP on the way (some day - I bought it local and consequently am having to wait for them to order it from the supplier and get it shipped :man_facepalming:

I plan to use the legitimate chiller for my large reservoir and the small one I homebuilt for the 4 small ones in my veg tent (they’re about to get interconnected with uniseals and 2” pvc) because it runs much cooler in the veg tent. But if your experiment to split the chiller into two reservoirs works, I may have to take that page from your book. A commercial water chiller will eliminate my need for frozen jugs of water entirely. Being able to truly return my freezer to food storage would be nice.

Glad to contribute to this forum! here’s my $59 shopping list from
home depot:
hose clamps -

extension cord -


3/4"x1/2"x1/2" tee -

3/4" tubing -

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@Dorf replace all of the clear tubing with black opaque tubing. Trust me on this one you don’t want light able to get into your water anywhere, and that includes the tubing running from your chiller to the reservoirs.

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too late, order already placed. I’ll cover them w/mylar or electrical tape or something

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Electrical or duct tape should work fine, yeah. I have a stupid clear bit of tubing I had to wrap with some Mylar from my tent :man_facepalming: it’s like a 4” bit but man did it let my water get hot hot without being covered up. I also blame it for some of the funk smell. :rofl:

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does the pump attach to the chiller or is it a separate entity parallel to but not connected to the chiller? if its attached (to the chiller) is the “lift” (upbubble) enough or do I need the 2"x1" air stone ring too?

The way I’m set up I have an “out” reservoir where the pump sits. It has a small air stone just for good measure but I don’t think it’s necessary. My “out” reservoir has no plant in it, the pump just pumps water straight from the “out” and into the chiller. It passes through the chiller and dumps into the actual reservoir.

My actual res contains 4 air stones (3 2 inch cylinders and one ring of aeration tubing)

I then have 2” PVC piping that runs from my res to my 2 plant buckets (each one has a minimum of one air stone) and pvc that connects my last plant bucket to the “out” reservoir. It’s all a big loop system.

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Thanks for the drawing. I plan on on keeping the res’ separate from each other, no inline pvc etc. So if I have 1-plant in 1-res and no inline inter connectivity between the resses’, and I have 1-5w cheapy dual outlet pump sitting on each lid of the res, my question is this: Do I still need a submersible pump (to do what)? Do I need one in each res? Will it replace the cheapy 5 watt pumps to the air stone or be in addition to the cheapy 5 watt pumps? Is the purpose of the submersible to return water to the chiller, or to make mega bubbles for the air stones or both? If both, how? I only see one line out for the submersibles

First things first we should clarify “pump”. There’s the air pump, which is what blows the air into your air stones and creates the bubbles. I did not include that in my diagram at all, but I have two 8-connection air pumps blasting sh*^loads of air into all my water.

I also have one submersible water pump in the final “reservoir” (the last bucket in my chain to pump the water from the bucket into the water chiller). For every reservoir you have, you will need a water pump. So if you have 2 5 gallon buckets that aren’t connected, you need two water pumps and to figure out how to connect those two pumps to the chiller’s single water intake. Similarly you will need to figure out how to get the chilled water returned to your reservoirs. If you don’t have return tubing to both, all you’re going to accomplish is chilling the water and overflowing one of the buckets and draining the other reservoir dry.

ok thanks, I’ve ordered the vivosun submersibles you recommended to be used to return water to the chiller. My 5w air pumps (currently located on the lids) will remain to make bubbles in the res. thanks for clearing that up!

I’m looking for 2"x1" round air stones (somebody recommended) but don’t know if they’ll have room with the sub-pump sitting on the bottom of the res? fyi - I also ordered 1/2" black tubing you recommended, now to find 3/4" non corrugated black tubing…

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