No luck germinating 2GG auto’s

Hello to all. Have 40 seeds total, 30 GG auto’s along w/10 Strawberry cough photo’s. Only tried germinating 2 because of skill level. Thus far, can’t even get them to germinate using the “soak in water” method recommended. How does someone go about trying to make this right? Feeling scammed💯

How long did you soak?
Tell us the details.
Many of us killed our first few.
Good plan only doing two. I see so many people buying 10 or 20 seeds and trying to germ all of them at once.
And welcome to the forum…Lots of good people here.

Hello, following the directions from ILGM forum they have been at it since Thursday evening.

Many of us soak in distilled water with just a few drops of hydrogen peroxide.
It adds a little oxygen, keeps fungus spores at bay, plus helps soften the shell.
After 24 hrs, and no more than 24 hrs, transfer to a paper towel that is just a little damp. Put it in a zip-lock bag and in a dark place nd check it after 24 hrs. If no tail has developed then check every 12 hrs after.
Some of us after the first 24hr soak simply plant the seed in seed starting mix and let it sprout on its own.
Should be 75 degrees or there about.
Also scarring the shell helps a lot.


As far as feeling scammed, you can rest assured that this is a legit company.
If your seeds are bad they will make it right.
This forum is just growers, not connected to the seed shop. We are all just growers.
The number one reason I killed mine at first was messing with them too much.
Now I soak them and plant them and leave them be. DO NOT OVERWATER…
Cannabis does not like being over watered.


I do 24 hours in water then straight to soil, about 1/2deep then lightly cover with soil, try not to handle the seeds with bare hands

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Along with H202 stated by Spiney_norman above, warm temperatures are a must, cool or cold will hinder the process.


Hey shatter sorry for the silly question but am new on this site how do I make my own thread? Thanks in advance.

Ilgm seeds are the most legit seeds out there my personal soak blend is 1/2 C water 1.5 tsp of peroxide for 12 hours then pour that solution onto paper towel ,fold In seed ,ziplock it,and set in total darkness for 24 hours


Thank you all for the advice & guidance. Being a disabled veteran I have plenty of time/patience, (unfortunately with a heaping dose of pain & ptsd) on my hands. I’ll definitely post more down the road on different topics.

Hi Norman. Yup! I.L.G.M. Are the Best. Can be Trusted. Walt.

Thanks for service, it’s good to socialize with like-minded people that have the same or similar afflictions, I wish you well on the road to your recovery and godspeed!
I forgot the path, I used to know where the link was, just like lots of other stuff that keeps leaking out my head, at a pretty good flow rate too, like an overloaded hard drive wiping itself every day to make more room for that day’s programming.

It sucks when it’s important and you pull up file deleted by unknown user.