No joy in weedville



Is there a quicker way (without me going to *MIT first) to tell male plants than waiting till i change to 12/12. Just found out my 3 big friends are boys.

     *Massachusetts Institute of Technology


@Rexx, I know what you mean. I wish you could lift up their tail (leaf) and look when they sprout them. It sucks to pay so close attention and have them do that to ya.


Lucky they were free seeds at least im not shelling out $$$$


There is but you need two tents to do it. Take clones from your plants and then put the clones into flower. Whatever the clones turn out to be is what your plants will be.


@Rugar89. Yeah, that too takes time. I’d like to know by looking at the seed. They should have a big M on them as far as I’m concerned.


Would be nice if it worked that way.

Realistically speaking, time isn’t that big of deal. Plants are generally 4-5 weeks old before it makes sense to flower them anyway. Any earlier and you’ll just prolong the time they take from 12/12. By then, probably sooner, you should be able to take a clone or two and know within a couple of weeks.

Obviously you’ll need that additional space as @Rugar89 stated. But it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Homemade job will do as long as it’s light tight. But at least then you could cull males and get onto business. If in the rare occasion the majority of your plants were male, as long as you had a female or two you could just take all of their undergrowth for clones. Then give the mother a little time to recover while clones root and backfill the space with clones.

You almost need to be in it for long haul when growing from regular seeds.


Well nothing happens fast in this hobby. Except maybe bud rot. And spider mites. :wink:


You can make test clones but by far the easiest way is just to buy feminized seeds. Then they are all probably going to be female. You might spend $50 on seeds but you won’t waste hundreds of dollars on electricity raising males. Once you have found one or more females, it is VERY easy to clone them and never have to buy that strain again.


Ya i got the seeds for free thought id give it a try That was my idea was to do clones but not this batch anyway


@Rexx other then switching to 12-12 and flowering the plant tbe best why is to clone and flower the clone in a few day youll know whether you have a male or not


I found this on youtube. Female seeds will have a volcano shape on one end. Also will have a hexagonal shape too.

Hope this helps :sunglasses:


@Hogmaster actually has a copy of that chart tbat hes been using for years He says it’s actually accurate just a fyi
Thanks fir sharing I forgot all about that chart
Ive never actually tried to match up seeds to it


@Countryboyjvd1971, @MAXHeadRoom, You know guys, I’m an old fart with a lot of water under the bridge but I’ve never seen that seed sexing chart. It could have been there wasn’t youtube way back when. Cool There you go @Rexx


10-4 @Flyr i had forgotten all about it lol
As stated ive never tried it but have been told it’s accurate :+1:


@Countryboyjvd1971, of course you gota be young enough or have good enough eyes to see that little volcano indentation thingy.


Or have a good set of magnifying glasses :eyeglasses: lol @Flyr


Oh so True


I’ve been following that chart for my bag seeds and they have all turned out to be female (4 from that batch so far). I just look for the indentation on the end of the seed. Hasn’t failed me yet!


Well as the old saying goes if you want something done right do it yourself I pulled plants out of tent to get rid of them The big one was a hermie and i got looking at other two and i think i may get lucky cant really tell if there hermies as well fingers crossed.


Well its twin girls not a total loss AK47 auto in front 1 week till picking and tiny hash plant that never grew just 1 big bud Sry for crappy pics got new phone LG g6 if anybody know setting for good pics please drop a note