No idea what is this help!

Hi i am in second week of veg. Strange white spots appeared on my leaves but no insects or such. And then some brown strange spots. I though many things might have happened but i better ask people who know this stuff better. I am new grower and lack knowledge on this even thou i looked for a quite a bit to figure it out myself, i am at a loss. Any ideas what might have happaned? when they were little in tent thats the first time white spots appeared, after i put them in big pot, some brown spots appeared and some of my flowers has sick weak looking leafs aswell, definatly no idea what i am doing wrong.
i manage ph to 6. temp is at 25 and night 21~22. i have right now pretty decent air flow, while they were in tend it had very little air flow maybe that was major thing?

Might need some more info…

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I’m not certain but I thought I saw spider mites in the photo of the leaf bottom, they start from bottom leaves and work their way up colonizing the entire plant. You’ll need a jeweler’s lope to make sure if you haven’t seen them before, you’ll find eggs planted, really small. You’ll also see webs when they get established. But I can’s be certain from the photos, they’re not close enough or clear enough.



Definitely does appear as a pest problem. Could be spider mites, or thrips. Both have similar patterns.


Thanks guys, i just found spider mites. for some reason when i notice first spots, quite few days i was looking for any mites, but did not found any, thats what made me confuse so much. finally just to see if you guys are right about mites, i checked again. I found spider mites for the first time. thanks alot guys. I got some medicine to spray. Hope it fixes it :slight_smile:


@Einherjar I battled them and eradicated them using liquid ladybug and home made sponge rings, I used fine wire around the sponge to hold them tightly against the stem to prevent re-infestation.

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You should verify one way or another whether you have pests. A loupe or microscope is a necessary component to your growers’ toolkit.

The best method I’ve found is to do a more comprehensive pest program using straight 3% peroxide and either (or both!) Captain Jack’s Dead Bug or Safer spray. The former is a bacillus called Spinosad and the other BtK for Bacillus Thurengiensis (IIRC). Spray down the plant with a pump sprayer, paying particular attention to the undersides of the leaves and any flower on the plant. Allow to stand for 48 hours then spray down with either of the two products. Wait 5 days then repeat the whole process: Day 1: peroxide. Day 3: Dead Bug.

The bacteria are not harmful to humans but the bugs eat it while eating your plant and the bacteria multiply and produce a toxic crystal in the pests’ gut. It kills them in about 5 days.

Once you have an infestation you will likely have to treat for it forever. That’s what I do.


I used to think that too, but I haven’t seen any mites since last fall and I’m vigilante about inspections. Eradication is possible if you study the insect’s cradle to grave life cycle and develop a battle plan accordingly, they don’t stand a chance if you’re vigilant!


You’ll bring em in on your clothes or shoes unless you have an airlock and change into gardening clothing. They blow in on the wind and once conditions are ideal they will be everywhere. You’ll see em again.


I dunno about that, the mighty mite thrives in heavily populated areas from all the close proximity of heated and dry human habitats, out here in the sticks they have allot more natural predators which decreases their chances by allot. That was my first and only infection in 25 years. But you’re right in the regard in how they propagate and the precautions we should take in being and maintaining a sterilized environment.

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I’m just saying that it can happen any time and to have a plan. Like bud rot.

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Be ever vigilant, first grow I eradicated spider mites just to have them pop up in next grow. Regardless of your environment, location or personal hygiene, unless you can sterilize all the soil ingredients, nutes and water, there’s always the possibility of infestation. The next grow proved to bring the mites and mealybugs as well, luckily I now am ever cautious and always looking - found them early. Not early enough to save a beautiful budding female Alaskan Thunder F*ck from popping out a few nanners though.