No idea what is growing, but it's growing

BLUF: I have two plans growing without much advance planning on my part.

Background: In early Sept of 2019 I got a few mystery seeds from a friend who said that this little jar of seeds has been in his car for over two years. So I took eight and gave the rest of the jar back to him. My buddy had no idea if they would grow, or what strains they were. He literally saved them… and then forgot about them. They were at least two years old, probably older.
I wet a paper towel and placed four seeds on the towel and folded it up and put them in a dark closet. On 9/16, I was surprised to see all four had germinated.

So I planted all four. Two of the four sprouted (on 9/19).
They were just sitting on my kitchen counter underneath the fluorescent lights under the cupboards. And I kind of forgot about them. They were sitting on my kitchen counter…still green, small, and growing verrrry slowly.
And in January, I read some article about how these plants might not grow if the rootball is too bunched up. So I went to Home Depot for supplies and replanted the two tiny plants in 5 gal buckets when I got home.
And this was around January 10th.
That’s right. I didn’t want my plants to get root-bound, so I re-planted them three and a half months later into bigger pots. These little ladies were not even 6 inches tall when I replanted them two and a half weeks ago.
I had no idea what would happen when I started. I’ve never gown marijuana before. I’m reading as much as I can on different websites. But I keep telling myself that these are plants that have grown for thousands of years. I’m trying to be careful, but life is life. Let it all grow.
Sativa, Indica, Hybrid… I have no idea. Maybe some of this will be familiar to you. I appreciate anyone’s help or input. If something doesn’t make sense, ask me. It wouldn’t surprise me if I asked the wrong thing. I have a bunch of questions, but I don’t know what to ask.
I’ve read a bunch of articles and 80% of it all is contradictory. I really don’t care. These are plants. Nature was growing them long before we came along and started dorking it all up.


Im like you. Started these from seeds that i got and have no idea on what they are but they are definitely different. Some leaves have 9, 11 and even 12 points. Wierd.



Cannabis is a pretty forgiving plant. If you are in the goldilocks zone for it, it will grow to maturity without hardly any watering or anything at all. For that reason outdoor growing in real ammended garden soil is by far the most fool proof method.
Last year I grew marijuana outdoors in my food garden and only watered it 3 times to help it through the dry times. At the season end I covered my tomatoes to extend my yield, the cannabis was covered at the same time with a makeshift poly tunnel, just to keep rain and frost off everything.

Seriously, this was so little work it was like free weed. I even sewed the seed directly into the ground, didn’t even pre soak it.


And welcome to the party! Have a great harvest!

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@OlyBoy98503, Welcome to the forum, where are the pics after transplant?

@Oldpokerpro1, those look cool! Never seen leaves like that, but they look healthy and happy. Welcome also.

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Thank you. Defiantly give them our love. Trying to keep upgrading as we go. Its a learning process also but really enjoy it. Looking at all the beautiful plants on here makes me want to take up smoking lol.

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Here are both plants (on 01/10) . They were first planted on Sept 16th.

Here’s how big they were after sitting on my kitchen counter for a month (on 10/10).

Here is Plant 1.

This is from Jan 10th, when they got big buckets.

Plant 1 is the more robust plant of the two.

Here is Plant 2.

This is from Jan 10th.

Plant 2 is shorter than Plant 1. Plant 2 also has shorter branches and more leaves. It’s really crowded, and I’ve been thinking it may need some of the lower (smaller and hidden) branches removed.

I tried taking a picture of how crowded Plant 2 is underneath. I was wondering if all the little, lower branches might be using up too much of the plants energy. Plant 2 has been sprouting single leafs over the past few days.

I’d really appreciate anyone’s comments or ideas (or links to other threads in the forums that you think might help). There are so many things to read in the forums, but I find myself searching for something and then getting sidetracked and forgetting what I was looking for in the first place. But I keep trying.


Plant 2 showed her sex yesterday.

She’s really small though! But her branches and leaves are quite crowded.

I pruned a few of the lower branches that were overshadowed by the upper branches. I also pruned a few of the big single leaves to thin out some of the bulk. Some (maybe half) of the bulk was literally tangled up by the leaves and little branches growing around each other. I had to untangle everything with my fingers.
I also let a small fan blow through her leaves for an hour or two each day (almost). And she’s getting between 16 and 18 hours of light each day. I’d really like her to get bigger before flowering…LOL! She’ll be 5 months old in 10 days.

(Note: I don’t know what kind of seeds these are. My buddy that gave them to me said he had no idea what strains they are, feminized, autoflowering, picked from a homegrown plant, nothing… Except they were in a jar for at least two years. He gave them to me because I mentioned I was interested in trying to grow a plant “next summer” (this was last summer when I said it). I didn’t think they would grow.)


Plant 1 is not showing any signs of sex yet. But I think she looks like she’s ready to grow more!

I hope the purple hue is a sign of more purple to come.

Plant 1 will get her branches trained once they are slightly longer.

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You were not kidding about the slow growth, but if time isn’t an issue then keep at her. Are you growing indoors or outside? Also are you feeding nutrients if so what are you adding. There can be a number of reasons for the slow growth, temperature, lighting, nutes, etc. I’m not seeing deficiencies so I’d gamble to say it’s temp or light related. Perhaps invest into a grow light if you’re indoors, or if you’re outside maybe find a better way to regulate temperature, DIY greenhouse or as simple as putting them close to a sunny wall for heat or away from all structures for cooling


She’s different alright.
Good vibes and good luck.

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I am indeed growing them inside. I calibrated two hygrometers, and I can keep the room in the mid-to-high 70s (sometimes the low 80s) during the day and the high 60s at night, with a RH of the mid-to-high 40s.

None of the walls share an outward wall, and so the temperature is surprisingly stable.

Thank you for the questions!

I give them 24-8-16 fertilizer once per week whilst watering. They are growing in Sunshine Mix 4 Aggregate Plus with Mycorrhiza. It was on sale at THD and it seemed that everyone who had also bought it (on amazon) was also growing cannabis and they all thought it was the bees knees.
I water them every other day. It’s well water and I know that there’s no chlorine or fluoride added. Besides that, I have no idea about the pH or other chemicals. I’ll have to check with the water engineer gals.
I have two holes drilled appx 1.5 inches from the bottom of each bucket because I was afraid of overwatering and drowning the kids.

So far…No water has come out of the holes in either bucket. And I spritz the leaves two or three times in the afternoon/evening.

Yea all looks good here for sure, I don’t ph my water either, I know I should I’m just lazy and don’t feel like getting the organic material to ph. Are you still using fluorescents lights? It is a bit expensive but id recommend grabbing an hps or Mh light if you can. When cannabis doesn’t receive enough light, the flowers(if they even bud at all) can be very small and airy along with very slow growth, but now that I’m thinking of it, perhaps age of seed can stunt growth? I haven’t personally dealt with old seeds before so this is new ground for me

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On the day they got their buckets, they each had their own 23W CFL. I bought two more identical lights the next day.

One week ago, they got a new 100W full spectrum LED Grow lamp that they sit under…and they also still have their CFLs on the side.

I didn’t like how the lamp had the metal box thing right next to the aluminum body of the lamp. I bought some 2” 6x32 bolts and some extra nuts and re-mounted the metal box thing 2” above the body of the light.

Regardless of what any manufacturer says… I didn’t want the light to get as hot I thought it was getting. The air circulates pretty well in the room, and (since it’s been raised) the body of the light hasn’t been nearly as warm as it was the first two days.


Oops hadn’t realized you were still posting lol but yea that seems fine to me. I’d probably chop it up to be the old seeds being the issue. The plants seem great otherwise!


Thanks! It’s been fun so far.

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Plant 2 is gone. I posted pictures in another thread and found out what I started to suspect. Plant 2 was hermaphroditic. And now gone.

I’ll still have Plant 1 to find out about!

Good vibes and good luck :v:
Hopefully you’ll have more luck with no#2?

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