No grow on the 10 WWF

all 10 ww f did not grow. they were in a jiffy seed starting dome. they were started alongside 60 tomatos all grew within 7 days and have been trasplanted going on 17 days today and nothing.

Hi and welcome to ILGM.

Nothing meaning the seeds didn’t even pop? Did you germinate them before dropping in your growing medium?

I’m 20 for 20 with ILGM WW seeds.


I had them in water for 28 hours and then into the jiffy pellets, premoistend covered with dome south facing window suppimented light (led). every thing else grew but the WWF.

What are your temps at?

Like @Matthew420 said I have had %100 success with ILGM white widows.

i’ve had 100% germ with ilgm seeds… except one,and i broke off the tap root putting it into rapid rooter…

Strange. I did the same on my last run basically. 24-hour soak then in Jiffy pod things.

If I’m not mistaking they guarantee germination? I can’t remember.

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I dont track temp house temp at 70 over nite 68 days

Yeah if he purchased the seeds from ILGM they gauruntee germination and will reship the order for free.

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I know seedlings like a higher temp around 78 degrees if I’m not mistaken. If you could get a heating Mat at your local nursery that might help out.

Also if you purchased your seeds from ILGM they garuntee gremination so if they don’t sprout in a wee or so you could contact customer support and see if they will reship your order.

I would imagine you would see some of them poke through within 17 days.

How far down did you plant them?

I germinate my seeds in a paper towel and transplant them into soil once the tap root has broken through. I’ve never germinated using the soaking method so I’m not sure how long they typically take to pop out. Mine are usually poped up after a few days but like I said my tap root is out of the seed already before planting.

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I did the 24-hour soak then dropped in the Jiffy pod. Took about 2 days to all pop through the top.

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I’d say quarter inch at most.

That’s about right. I go down to the first knuckle on my index finger so you are right in the ball park.

You got me stumped. Those suckers should be saying hello by now I would think. I guess if it were me I would wait a little while longer and if nothing happens then get a hold of customer support and see if they will reship. (Of you got them from ILGM that is other seed banks might give a gauruntee but I’ve only ever gotten seeds from ILGM)

Keep us posted curious to see if they pop up.

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I just read form customer service they want me to put seeds back in water for 24 hours to see if the’ll germinate before shipping them back we’ll see what happens

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Here is a good lesson though, I wouldn’t germ all your seeds at once, just in case something like this should happen. ILGM will take care of you, no worries!


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I removed the top half of the peet pelets and put them in water to get to the seeds they had all but one cracked. I put them in a moist papertowel in a ziplock to see if the will grow or if something killed them off

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no activity on seeds. I had gotten the 10 + 10 deal so I put 5 in water and they all cracked before 24h. I put them in a moist paper towel and in a ziplock this morning and they all had tails when i got home. I skipped the peet pelets and into jiffy pots this time

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How’s your seedlings @greentree
Hope they are doing good!

hello, well I removed seeds from the peat pellets( they had cracked) and put them back in miost paper towel still they grew no tails. so they went back to get invesigated.
So i started 5 wwf they cracked in 12h grew tails over night in paper towel and put them in seed starting mix


Good glad you had some success, I’m sure the team will figure out what happened and get you straight!

Hopefully those 5 will go smoothly for you :+1:

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