No good time for this but maybe an expert can nail this down

I switched the spectrum over to preflower 90% and raised the light and its putting 30-32 DLI on the little plants and 38-41 DLI (23hr) .
NOW my leaf temperatures are only 2* higher than airtemps under the canopy instead of 4 .
moved a humidifier in there to try again to get a decent vpd so far the best i can get is 1.61 kPal. WAIT A MINUTE…THIS JUST IN …A NEW RECORD LOW VPD @1.58…ONLY .48 TO GO…I need to build humidity but keep the fans on high and you cant suck heat out w/o removing the humidity also.

They do look very appreciative but 2-7 has me concerned with some yellowing.We’ve been watering to run off quite a bit trying to undo some earlier evil and some of the feedings are yielding results that area bit unexpected.
2-7 had a previous run off of 6.3/ .77/ 385.(PH/EC/PPM) in a 5 gallon pot of Ocean Forest.
I fed it a gallon of Flower Time fertilizer @ 6.1/ 2.3 /1150 to runoff of course and that came out @ 6.4 / .05 / 25 .Ridiculously Low. Inert really. I thought I should have wound up with roughly 6.2/1.53 /765.

Ha, just when you think you’re doing ok and now 2-7 has some yellowing and increased spotting.
The only thing i did differently was adjust ph down with vinegar and not lemon juice or ph down solution.

what do you make of this?


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well now 2-11 the youngster is showing some discoloration in between the veins of the leaves,so subtle that it won’t show up in photos,not under that light anyway.

So as per log both are depleted to the point you could call it a flush.
Both just started flower,both are in FFOF.1 is 3 gallons ,the other 5 gallons.
My inexperienced hap hazard guessing first thought leaf septia but now that im looking at the data from runoff,both are majorly depleted but i was under the impression it was proper/beneficial to sort of flush in preparation for the Flower Nutrients.
I am using Bergmans for everything on this grow. I think next go around im doing bruce bugabees media recipe and daily feedings to runoff with 20-10-20 with ec-1.1 to 1.2 as per his recommendations.
I’ve already got pepper plants in the stuff for 3 days now and they’re going quite well as there was almost no transplant shock that i could see despite mother natures 40-55 degree cloudy windy,4.5" of rain in two days. My dock barely visible and the creek crossing the driveway left me wondering why i didn’t buy the fully restored gen 1 hummer for the property.

one thing I have identified is that the affected leaves all appear to be older Fan leaves which leads me to believe whatever it is is systemic and not a water spill or something of that nature.

You have some clawing, and some pretty dark green leaves with burnt tips. I’m also seeing autos transitioning into flower. How long have they been in soil they are in now? FFOF can carry you with no nutes for up to a month and a half. Having said that, the clawing and dark green is indicative of nitrogen toxiticy. Your runoff numbers are low which would make me think she’s hungry, but that would usually be light green. What are your ppms going in?


check out my first post in this thread.

check out my first post in this thread.
#2-7 previous run off -(PH/EC/PPM) 6.3/.77/385 out.
Feeding to run off again after two days= 6.1/2.3/1150
should have resulted in roughly= 6.2/1.53/765
instead it resulted in =6.4/.05/25
Unless my understanding of the formula used to secure the runoff quantities are incorrect I am totally lost.

#2-11 previous runoff- 6.5/1.08/540
next water to runoff- 5.8/1.92/960
water to runoff should have resulted in 6.0-6.1/1.50/750
instead it was- 6.3/.51/255

I have been reducing my runoff values by the feeding /nutrient values as per my understanding.

epsom salt or just flower nutes from Bergmans?

I honestly have no experience with bergman’s nutes. To collect runoff, just collect the last bit coming out. Enough to dip your tester in. The last bit coming out, is the closest to what is left in the bag. But even even running plain water should get you well over that amount.


If not already I would add some Cal-Mag next water day. They are all about the same 5 to 6 ml. Per gal. I’m also with @Borderryan22 on dark leafs Too much nitrogen.

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@Borderryan22 @kellydans
my plain water is 7.4/.79/395.
You say cal mag but i am not in possession of that ,nor have I ever used it.
Would epsom salt or molasses be beneficial? If so in what proportion?
2-6,2-7,2-8 are on day 47, 2-11 is on day 40.
2-7 and 2-11 are the flowering girls rt now,the others are just being bashful for a day or two which is why I maintain a preflower spectrum for now @ 90/90/45.


Epsom contains magnesium, but not calcium.

400 PPM tap water probably contains both. You can find out from your local water utility.


You can purchase cal-mag big Box stores In the plant section. EBay or Amazon . Good luck

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i am on a well sir. My pond is .11 EC with sample taken 2’ from the surface.
rt out of the well ec-.59-.62.

Got it. You might be able to find a water test kit that would tell you that stuff.

i have one for ph.

so despite my best efforts to methodically kill these off they seem to be on the mend in appearance anyway,took the fans down to medium and they are in natural mode wherein they moderate the intensity up and down a proposed range of speeds,almost as if an occasional gust/lull cycle completely random, accountable only to the whimsy of the universe and the fleebs.
they received bergmans flowertime @ 6.1/1.8/900.
5 gal. girl 2-7 got 1.25 liters and 3 gallon girl received .64 ltrs.