No germination on one vatiety

Ok so I just got some fresh sour diesel seeds. Not one of them has germinated. My other varieties have all germinated in one day. I soaked sone seeds and nothing. Let them soak longer to give them a chance. Nothing. I suppose when they are fuzzy and rotted I can give up? Never had any problems with ilgm seeds. I set up another round and had the same failed attempt. Tried them all at this point and none of them were viable. Thoughts?


Have you tried to stick them in the soil to see if they would sprout? :+1: :v: :sunglasses:

Yeah, when they get fuzzy, they’ve been submerged too long. You can try putting them in soil but maybe spray with a little peroxide first. I always put a few drops in my water when I soak them

Contact customer support, let ‘em know the trouble you had. They’re very good about getting things set straight. :v:

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I have sent four emails now. I was asked all the same questions that I had already answered in my first email such as order number, variety. Now I have been ghosted.
Been weeks. Not impressed
When all 40 other varieties germinate in one day and not a single one of this variety? Clearly they are duds.
I was being funny talking about them getting fuzzy. Clearly more time did not work. They were rotting.

Did they eventually respond to your emails and provide a solution or compensation for the non-germinating seeds? It’s important for companies to have good customer service and make things right when issues arise.

I was considering ILGM for my next order. But now I’m hesitant about purchasing from them after this situation.

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@budsbuddy im sure they got him squared away. Out of all the seed banks, ILGM has the best customer support. Ive never had an issue getting seeds replaced. Nature isnt perfect and ILGM knows that there will be duds. These are all ILGM. Grandaddy Purp, ZSkittlez, amd Durban Poison