? no flowers at all

I started two plants awhile back. One was a white widow auto, the other a California dream. The auto didn’t auto, so I switched to 12/12. Using two roleadro 300w 2nd gens and 400w roleadro cob. The Cali dream vegged for about 6 weeks before I switched lights over. The window started to flower no problem. The Cali didn’t. Now both plants have been on a 12/12 schedule for going on 29 days. The widow looks great. Not a single preflower on the other. Both in soil in a tent. So, what’s up with that, no flowers

They’re are other reasons plants won’t flower. The most obvious is that the lights aren’t on the right schedule. I would double check your timer to be sure it is set properly

Or one of your lights isn’t plugged into the timer and is staying on?

Or You are getting light into your grow area during your 12 hours of darkness that is interrupting the dark cycle?



No light leaks and lights don’t kick back on. I babysit my girls, and if a light did somehow happen to turn on, wouldn’t it keep the other one from flowering. I don’t use a timer. I have everything plugged into a power strip and plug and unplug from wall same time every day,6 in the morning and 8at night. I’ve checked for leaks, hell, I got in the tent and had the ole lady zip me up in there. So, I’m lost. Any other ideas?

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@HornHead you could try reducing the amount of light even farther, to see if it starts to flower. Do a 10/14 maybe?

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I thought you said the auto flowered but not the photo?

have everything plugged into a power strip and plug and unplug from wall same time every day,6 in the morning and 8at night. I’ve checked for leaks, hell, I got in the tent and had the ole lady zip me up in there. So, I’m lost. Any other ideas?

6am to 8pm is 14hrs try turning lights off at 6pm. The auto will flower no matter what, but the photo needs at least 12 hrs dark


I started the wwa first, about a week before the Cali. So the auto vegged for about 7 weeks before I switched lights over. I planned on vegging the Cali about two months so the auto would have plenty in f time on 18/6 , but since it didn’t auto I decided to switch to 12/12 sooner than I thought. I turn lights on at 8 at night and off at six in the morning, so 10 hours on

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Well if the light has been on only 10 hrs,I’m stumped as well . It should have been started flowering.

Would you be so kind and fill out a support ticket for the group please sir

Has anyone thought it might be a male plant?

Where did you get the seeds from? @HornHead

. The first pic is the ww, second the Cali that won’t bud


How do I start a support ticket?

Got the seeds from here last March, when the California dream seeds were 20 for $100. And I thought maybe male too, but either way, almost a month on 12/12 shouldn’t I see either sign of male or female. Here’s a close up of the plant in question

. Now that I really looked, I can see that it is female

@HornHead I got a Low Ryder From here and I am at 126 da’y and Just started to Flower I had the other 7 seed in at the same time as well. All the others have been harvested and in Curing.
it is now 5ft tall with supper cropping and Got buds from hell coming out on her…

So hang in there and let it go you might be Surprised… I was.
Good luck, All is looking good.


Sometimes it takes a plant a Lil longer to get sexualy mature enough to flower,maybe a pheno freak?? Idk hang in there if she is showing then it won’t be long

Take it out of the tent cover it in complete darkness for 24 hrs and then 12/12
Happened to my buddy a while back with a bag seed and thats what he did


I also see a female that is ready to start flowering.

Some strains are really light sensitive and if you are running your lights at night, is your tent in a totally dark room during the day?

I have a vent on the bottom of the tent for letting air in. If that vent is left open during the day in a room that is not dark, then that could be enough light getting into your tent to keep the one from flowering.


Thanks for all the info guys. Now that I see that it is female, do you @bob31, or anyone else, think that it’s going to go through the flowering stretch?

yes, I think it will flower. I mean it is genetically programmed to flower, so I don’t know why it wouldn’t @HornHead

admittedly it seems like it should have flowered by now

Yeah, I double checked again, no light at all through the dark period. So, probably just a slow mover. Which sucks, cause the way I planned was to have both harvested by Christmas. Hell, I started the wwa on August 21 and the Cali dream on September 5. The widow looks like it will be ready by Christmas so I’ll have some good smoke to wrap up on Christmas morning, but I really wanted to have both ready by then. I grew a wwa outside over the summer, I’ll try to post a picture of it, but the Cali leaves I trimmed and dried are outrageously good. Can’t wait to smoke the buds from her. Again, thanks everyone1505589237977 The white widow I grew outside