No email replies Is this site a scam?


I was worried about my seeds getting thru, having to wait 28days for delivery, customs etc but I bit the bullet and ordered. I’m in Australia so I wasn’t getting my hopes up. I didn’t get my confirmation email(due to spam box) until I found an internationally posted letter addressed to me in my snailmail box only 6 days after I’d ordered and only 3 days from my account being debited! You guessed it!!! 5 strawberry kush and 5 gold leaf seeds staring back at me. 2 of each straight into a shot glass of water and about 20 hours later seeds opened and straight into the groundI thought I’d have missed this outdoor season so I was donated a clone to play with but with seeds getting here so quick I couldn’t help myself. Like they say ‘Variety is the spice of life’


It is the weekend.

They will probably get back to you sometime Monday. And be sure to check your spam folder to on the safe side.

Happy ordering,



Not a scam my friend… :wink:
Good luck with your grow… :wink:
Welcome to ILGM. …
:v: :sunglasses:


I’m so sorry to hear you haven’t received a response within the 24 hours.
We will get back to your email asap (within 2 hours)!

I also noticed there was a ‘r’ missing in your email address for your order, that would be the reason you didn’t receive a order confirmation email. I just updated that, you should have received the order confirmation email now.


thank you for the help @ILGM.Support.Claire… have a wonderful day!


@toader I can definitely tell you this site is not a scam
I have place several orders and have not had an issue I also send cash as payment
Did you check with your bank and confirm that you where charge if you where I would send a email with your order number to support
You can also request help her by tagging the support staff
Sometimes things happen but they will make things right
Just received a email for my last order beans are on the way
Hope you get this worked out


no for me- very responsive have ordered once with no issues?