No email replies Is this site a scam?


I placed an order 6 days ago and they have not contacted me with an order number. Nor have they responded to my emails with regard to this order. I placed my order 9/25/17. Is anyone else having this problem? Is this site just a scam? Worried because I gave them my credit card number etc.


When you shop the confirmation screen shows you the order number. I just put in an order and got my email immediately.


hmmm ok thank you for your response. I did see the confirmation screen but I did not see a order number…and I looked. It only said i would get an email confirming. When I emailed them about this…I get no reply. ty again.


ILGM is definitely NOT a scam. I’m not sure why you didn’t get an order number with the confirmation. Maybe the order didn’t complete?
ILGM answers emails within 24 hours also. Except weekends. ILGM has Awesome customer service to. Do you have a copy of the order confirmation?


No i do not have a copy of the confirmation. I am quite sure I saw a confirmation screen though. Thank you for assuring me this a legit site. It gives me hope I will get this straightened out. I sent them another email just now asking if I should reorder. I just do not seem to get replies. I am sending the emails to : Customer support


You should hear back within 24 hours


Thank you. Very glad to see others are on here to help. :grinning:


You’re welcome. Also, check to see if you’re card has been charged. Sounds like maybe the order didn’t complete.


Yes ty no charges on the card.


I think ppl here have mentioned that they had to ok it with their credit card company to make overseas purchases with it before they ordered…not sure if you did that…im assuming you live in the states?


My first order went thru fine, my 2nd and 3rd I had to let the bank know to allow the international charges


Not sure if my card allows that. I would think they would alert me if it did not clear. There must be a problem with the order since i didn’t get an email or order number.


You are right. If the bank denied the charge, ILGM will send you an email with instructions… i really think the order just didn’t complete other wise you’d have gotten an order number.


Yep no scam here possibly a wire got crossed or a wrong key stroke something I have had like 6 orders with no problems at all


@toader contact customer service the same thing happened to me aND they said it was because my payment was denied because my bank declined to approve something for some reason, said I could either contact bank but being not legal where I’m at I decided to try the cash method and so far so good


Sure you mistake. May be a misunderstantig happening. Ilgm not scam


Yes, ILGM is legit. It is also a good idea to save your order confirmation and order number when you get it.


@toader if the order completed you would show a charge on your card. If you have online access you will sometimes see a pending charge that disappears after a day or so.

If there is no charge against your card then check (if you have onlne access) to see if there is a security section to allow overseas charges. My card does and even then sometimes they block the charge. If this happens both the bank and Ilgm notify me.

If you weren’t notified by either one (double check spam and deleted emails) then your order did not complete.

Good luck. If it we’re me I would just place a new order!


When I ordered my first order I never received a confirmation number in my email but I still got my seeds. Its not fake they will take care of you! My 2nd order I got the confirmation.



Have you checked your "SPAM " sometimes it will go there.
Also you must understand that they get thousands of e-mail per-day and the fact that they are not there on weekends. So with that it’s only been 5 day’s please give them time and you won’t be disappointed.