No Doubt what it's about!


It’s all about that word that us growers DO NOT want to hear…YIKES it is …SPIDERMITES :idea: And my girls have them.It is a shame because I had the same problem last year but was ignorant to the fact. But this year I say not ignorant but Stupid because I know better and I directed my attention to nutes def. Ignoring the fact and knowing it was mites and not treating them for it. I hope this lesson has been well learnt by now…So now I am preparing for A long diligent battle to save my girls. I went to the Hydroponic store A fellow outdoor grower whom works there handed me a lil plastic bottle size of eye drops bottle .Told me that it would make 5 gallons of spray and to spray once than wait 5 days spray again and wait 5 days than final spray 5 more days later. I cant remember the name of it at the mo.It began with an A but was not Azmax or ? The moral to this story is, Never let Stupidity over rule Ignorance.


Did you say outside grow? Cuz if indoor, keeping air temps 78*f or lower helps dramatically in keeping spidermites under control.


YES MacGStoner outdoors.I wish I could keep me at 78’ lol


Yeah, spidermites are evil!


Buy a Garden Duster, and dust them with Diatomaceous Earth. From the underside up.

Sometimes it is a good idea to be proactive and invest in remedies, before you need them…