No death by water!


after killing off my meds i did alot of pouting,bought a bag of shit weed and said to my self…DUMBASS!!! grow something!!! so i built a new tent/ room complete with a/c seeds start arriving tommorow. i will start a old man newb grow log in a day or two.ill call it the “log”…cuz my last was shit! :v:


Tag a few of the regulars in here when you’re ready to start. These folks helped me from start to finish with my first grow and I grew amazing bud with their direction. My advice is ask first, follow directions, and the fine folks here will get you to the end. Too many times, I’ve read where somebody tried something before asking opinions and ended up with problems later on. Keep it simple, record important information (that’s what your journal is for) and be patient. Enjoy your grow my friend. :sunglasses:


thankyou great addvice,pickin brains


pay attention listen daq





I’ll be here when ever you need some help just tag me like this…@garrigan65



Sorry you had bummer luck your first time but it taught you something valuable. I’m on here most mornings and late nights I work 2nd shift. But you can tag me anytime if you need anything and I will help if I can


Welcome to forum. I also kill house plants but (fingers crossed) havent killed any since coming here. Normally its just overkill.


@garrigan65 thanku appreciate it.knowle dg! its a great thing to have around😀


@Laurap lma…am🙏


@SilentHippie right on! thankyou for the advice i will takeit! and if ya see me doin some dumb crap plz call me out.only way to learn well😎