No community without each other

Hey everyone! How’s everyone’s weekend going! Just got back from a dusy of a trip. Spent all day in 16 footers. But we hauled on over 1000lbs at 29$ a pound. Between the 3 of us. So, still worth it. Lol.


I just helped a soon to be former neighbor move and now I’m going to take a break with a fresh packed bowl… no work today so life is pretty cool at the moment


I’m just sitting and trimming it’s like never ending


Yeah, but I think I can safely say that you are really enjoying it. :slight_smile:
24 grams on my little plant took like three hours, including tidying up. I was in the zone. :om:

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At I’m about sit down to my first bowl of the day myself. I got in this morning and slept until about an hour ago. I got up and harvested my first ever grow, just finished the trim like @Jaydawg6528.

Everyone’s looking good :slight_smile:



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Me too cuz sometimes smoking alone sucks

You were out scalloping again man that’s sound like an adventure

It is not about being military. This thread is about respect and sharing grief as much a ssharing feelings for anyone needing someone to tak to. It is a thread about communication and support of anyone in need.

I hope we can do that and not hijack this topic at any point. Be mindful of friends in need, not our ego.

Peace to all. Be safe. Happy growing.

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