No color in new growth

I planted 4 Gorilla Glue auto flower seeds on October 15. I started them in jiffy cups with miracle grow starting soil. They were transplanted to 5 gal grow bags with miracle grow soil at 2 weeks. They were feed seedling starter for the first 2 weeks, mostly indoors. Then growtime until they flowered. Then flowertime. Outdoors in Maui. Now this week new growth is white

Hi @IaoSpecial , welcome to the neighborhood :grinning: my 1st thought is iron deficiency but sulfur looks similar … miracle is normally full of nitrogen n iron but that’s why it’s not recommended to use it to grow weed it has time released nutrients that feed the plants the wrong food at the wrong time normally resulting in fluffy buds


Issues with iron often stem from deficiencies or excess of other minerals such as calcium or zinc. The symptoms look like a magnesium deficiency, although if the problem is related to iron, yellowing will start from the top of the plant. High pH levels or over watering are also often the cause of an iron deficiency. Fortunately, cannabis plants can recover quickly after the correct treatment.

Iron Deficiency

Deficiency Symptoms:

  • New growth completely yellow
  • Deficiency starts at base of fan leaves
  • Chlorosis between leaf veins
  • Roots lose function

Tip : Blood meal is a great source of nitrogen and iron for soil growing. Use high quality grow mediums and avoid cheap nutrients.


On the rare occasion cannabis plants can experience a sulphur deficiency. Sulphur promotes efficient use of nitrogen as well as the forming of chlorophyll, oils and terpenes. The symptoms of sulphur deficiency are very similar to nitrogen, and is most noticeable through the yellowing of newer foliage. It can be particularly problematic during flowering, as heavily affected buds start to die due to the lack of protein.

Sulphur Deficiency

Deficiency Symptoms:

  • Yellowing begins at the base of leaf fingers and works its way up
  • Discolouration under leaves
  • Hints of red and pink

Tip : Mycorrhizae fungi are beneficial in soil to increase sulphur content.

Maybe try a little blackstrap molasses. A little calmag also. I am a gg4 guy but photo. Never had any yellow from inside out though. Molasses has a lot of good nutes and sugars. My girls love it when looking peaked. Super thirsty which might be affected by the time released nutrients in that miracle grow. Just another possible solution with little to no downside.

I used miracle grow potting soil, but I have been using ILGM growtime and flowertime fertilizers. Previous planting of 4 amnesia haze did not have the same problem. It looks like sulfur deficiency- what’s the solution?

I can’t remember having an issue with sulphur but the card I posted says to add Mycorrhizae fungi if you search for that there’s a thousand different products available and your local nursery should have some available. Plus it grows naturally when decomposition of poop n other organic materials

Are you phing your water , my guess is your just locked out from to high of soil ph

U can use volcanic rock dust fertilizer aswell it has all the micro nutrients and macro nutrients that ur plant needs

PH reads 7 on a cheap meter. Water is fresh valley stream and rain. My other plants didn’t have the problem, same planting procedures,

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