No clue on the deficiency any help


First off some info

Auto flower: Blueberry bliss
10 Gal Dwc
GH flora series , "Micro, gro, bloom, diamond nec, flora nect, liquid koolbloom, and floralicious plus.
Rez temp 65
53 Rh
70 Degrees
I’m using 8, 2700k flood lights to flower
Ph is 5.7
Started within the past week.

Let me know if there is any info I missed, just weirdly started Turing yellow on the top, not sure why any info is greatly appreciated

I’m not sure if it’s underfeed, phosphorus def, or what, I’ll post several pics to give you a idea, thanks ahead of time, I belive the plant is in mid, bloom, I don’t see amber trichomes yet, so I’m not sure to go ahead and get ready to harvest if it gets any worse or wait and flush and give it time ???

Difficult to tell with the purple lighting. Normal lighting pics?

But it does appear you have severa different deficiencies. Nitrogen cl-mag, phosphorus and potassium.


I concur as well @Covertgrower. The pistils do look to be brown so if it isn’t deficiencies it may be the plant is finally getting ready to be chopped.

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Is this when you mix your solution, or are you regularly keeping it at 5.7? And what is your ppm? This sounds very similar to what @Myfriendis410 does.


Looks like nute burn to me. Low light levels and high TDS is my guess.


Sorry, but these plants have (NUTRIENT BURN) and are to far into flower to do anything. Just water is all I can tell ya for now And stop all NITROGEN…Flush with water if you want. But next time, when they go into flower, stop the nitrogen ok

Be Safe

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Yeah I feed at 800ppm, and yeah the plants did get a bad case of nute burn when my ph pen went down and I waiting a week and a half for new 1 I was depending on gh dropper kit, which was about useless.

I’m using tap water set out for 24 hours before I use it and my tap runs around 140 to 150ppm,

After mixing my nutes the ph is usuasally really really low, like 4.9 or 5.0 i bring it up to 5.5 go 5.9, depending where it hits first .

Ps. I run the the same nutes in the rez, for about 10 to 14 dayals, and I noticed my ppms will creep up even when I cut to half strength nutes, and even when I just add plain water to the rez, but unfortunately my ph pen went crazy as soon and the plants got into flower and I didn’t catch it early enough, I wasn’t sure what else u could due till harvest, besides running clean water for a couple days, any suggestions?

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What’s in the tap water?

Distilled or r/o water is better to try to flush with.

If ppms are rising then it’s showing you the plant is just drinking more water, maybe it’s too hot, or something in the environment making it do this. Or it could be just not needing a nutrient level that high and showing you it’s about to become locked out.

During those times add distilled or r/o water to the system with no nutrients. It will dilute your solution and give you the ability to see if the plant then starts using then again.



Roger that pharmerbob, thanks for the info guys

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