No cloudy Trichomes but a lot of bananas

Question from a fellow grower:

Jack Herer, Power Plant, White widow, and I am in my 13th week of 12/12.

I have no cloudy Trichomes but I am starting to get a lot of bananas.

My question is should I wait longer or cut them down.

I do not see that any seeds are forming but this is a longer grow then I expected.
I have grown many indoor grows with the same setup.
Room is light tight.

Flor. grow lights for 6 weeks.
12/12 Eye 600 watt HPS for flowering
1 exhaust fan with carbon filter to outside for heat control, one inside fan with carbon filter for dark period for smell.
Light temps 77/78 degrees
Night temps 70/72 degrees
Soil is Fox Farms Ocean Forest Organic.
I have yet to figure out why this grow is taking so long to finish.

Any help will be appreciated, and sorry to be a pest.

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Just keep plucking . I harvested a WW early that was throwing nanners and the smoke was weak AF. Iā€™d rather of had some seeds than a crop of weak weed especially after all that time put in.
(and by early I mean week 10 and trichs were still mostly clear )

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I guess I will just keep a watch and hope things get cloudy.
Might post a photo later today.

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