No buds on 8 week old plants


Excellent idea! I’m going to try that. Thanks, @Stuart1.


thanks raustin - i will go to a 12 /12 cycle. Was just curious as to why
ILGM does not publish any kind of light cycle reccomendations for auto
grows. I like them because they are small (i am growing 6 in a 2 X 4
grow lab ten)t and start my next crop under flouescent in another room. the
result is a crop every 7-8 weeks!. i am spraying to offset humidity, even
the LED lights dry up spray immediatly. The humidifier has had no effect on
my plants or humidity- I think the fan and exaust make it useless


@livingpuppet they dont post a light schedule since autos are not light schedule sensitivie. They start to flower when they want


Flip your light schedule to 12/12 and you will see a big difference I’m not sure if I’m sold there all autos


Autos will start to flower automatically, hence their name. It doesn’t matter what lighting schedule they are on because they will flower only when they are ready to. I suggested you go to 12/12 because you weren’t sure what you had, still I don’t think it can hurt.

You think you have a small tent? Lol, I grow in a 2’x2’ tent setup in my master bedroom! My last grow I had three plants in there and harvested almost six ounces. They were regular fem seeds, not autos. :blush:

I forgot to mention the exhaust fan, it will definitely lower humidity by design. Try to keep it at it’s lowest setting and I would try the wet towel trick – I’m going to try that myself. Just hang a wet, white towel in the tent. Also, put a tray of water in there too, and make sure your plants aren’t sitting in the water. And keep spraying! :blush: