No blueberry auto

Where did blueberry auto go?

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Well that sucks!
It still shows it in the Auto Flower Mix Pack.

I think someone’s messing around.

Typo, amnesia haze is not blue/purple. The description is still correct for blueberry…

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Good catch :+1:

@latewood @ILGM.Roy @Donaldj @garrigan65

Lets tag some of the guys just to be sure they notice it, and can inform the proper person to correct it…

Somebody derped! :smile:

Hey @daddydays , thanks for spotting that! I have no idea what made Blueberry Auto turn Amnesia Haze. Maybe crossdressing for the weekend :smiley:


Lol, no problem. And by the way, you people are awesome.

Thanks man, we love working with and for you guys!