No amber tricombs?


Hey everyone. Just wanted to get some thoughts on my struggle with achieving amber tricombs. I feel like I run my plants pretty close to full maturity but when looking through my loop, I can never spot any amber…

I currently have a sour diesel that will be ready for harvest (around 60 days of flower ) but once again, mostly cloudy with no amber to be seen.

Most of her leaves have yellow and I have pulled them off and also stuck some toothpicks in the stem a week ago.

I am pretty patient but at this point I want to harvest next week to make space. Just can’t seem to get to that amber stage on any of my plants…

I’m probably gonna do the 48 hours of dark but I don’t expect any significant change in her status…



@Walt80 I had to go to 12 weeks to get Amber out of my last Sour Diesels. The pistils were more red than green. I had to buy a portable scope with a 60x and 120x to see the trichomes correctly. They’re pretty cheap on Amazon. the plant looks good to me. I’ve seen a few on this forum let the plant use itself up until all the sugar leaves are yellow.

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Thanks for the reply. I’m not looking for that super narcotic high anyway. Looking for a more relaxed mellow effect so I don’t really mind harvesting now.

Would really just like to push it right to that 2 - 5% amber and chop then… would be a good cut off point for me but in terms of my 63 days, I’m there…


My plant is 9 weeks this Tuesday and are they same as yours they just need more time.

You split the stem? You usually do that right before you harvest and usually about four days prior. I’m not sure if you can wait more now that you did that. @daz49 I know you split the stem and probably did more research on it than I. Any thoughts?

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@Walt80 I took 2 out of the 5 plants I was growing at milky so I could have pain relief and to be able to function during the day.

I thought 7 days prior to harvest was pretty standard for stem splitting… idk. Everything looks fine to me though.


@Tylan hi there can I ask you exactly what is it with the sticking off tooth picks in the plants before you harvest?

It supposedly makes the plant think that it’s under attack at the end of its life cycle so that it produces more hormones and blast nutrients up to the buds for more potent, larger denser buds right at the end… I don’t see the harm in it so I have been doing it.

FYI the 48 hours of darkness is to concentrate sugars and nutrients in the roots (which is where it’s stored during darkness naturally) and harvest immediately after lights on. This will help with the smokeability of the bud.


Hiya buddy, I split the stem on all but 1 of my grows and you can see on any of those, you need cable ties and I use a wooden magnum lolly stick, you will be better off checking any of my threads for it step by step, with pictures buddy


Link? I just use zip ties…

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Thanks mate good to know @Walt80 and it works out ok yeah.

This is a very nice looking bud. Have you considered entering it in the Bud of the Month Contest?


I really appreciated that a lot! I’m pretty new at this but one day I will enter. This seed was ordered from this site but was a gift so I don’t have the order number…

I do have a pure indica I just put into bloom that I may enter. My prize plant! We’ll see how she turns out. Thanks again for the compliment though! I put a lot into this great hobby!


I’m going to grow Sour D on my next grow. They say its a little more difficult to grow. Do you have any grow tips for me or anything I should watch for? They say to watch for powdery mildew. Did you have any problems in that area.

Thanks in advance
Happy growing :sunglasses:


Yes! So I have had just a little bit of powdery mildew. I check every day and I would say every few weeks I will find just a little here and there and I spray in trouble area with an all natural spray from my local grow shop. Works fine.

I will say that my grow area is less than ideal though. 4x4 tent in a dirty, dusty, sometimes moist unfinished basement. Humidity and temp are very difficult to control but I do my best and overall have it under control.

Great plant though. I top very early. Super crop at around 5 weeks or so… pretty straight forward. I wouldn’t consider it a difficult grow by any means but I am pretty new at it. The veg was very dark green and foliage was pretty filled out. Not super bushy but not thin at all either.


Thanks for the info. I will keep an eye out for that. :sunglasses:

Get in touch with @Myfriendis410. Hes grown the most beautiful s diesel ever


@Walt80 ,ok so no1 has adressed your feeding schedule,when did you stop,?when you saw clear trichomes?,i know ppl have done the same thing an wished they fed for 1 more week, :slight_smile: looks awesome tho still :slight_smile:

Hey, Max! I found the Sour Diesel to be no more susceptible to mildew than any other strain. It was a big producer and very enjoyable bud. Not as potent as Gold Leaf.

Sprayed skim milk and water for mildew about 3 weeks ago and it flat out NUKED the mildew.