No amber after 90 days flowering


Trichomes are clear to cloudy but none turning amber…went to 12/12 on 9/3…9/15 on 11/3 still no amber…pistil all red/orange…on water only for three weeks. Is there some way to force a shift to amber ? I am considering doing a stalk split, unsure if that will help.


Do you have a hard and fast date you need the plant down by for some reason? The best solution is to just wait on her to do her thing. You will be happy you did. :slight_smile:

What kind of plant are you growing?


There are 3…Holy Skunk, Master Kush and Dream Machine


I feel you on this my og and strawberry kush are in in day 72 of flowering and hardly any amber at all :thinking: I wonder if it’s the lights not being strong enough? Although I’m in in no rush to chop it down its all good. Curious to see what others say.


Perhaps if I raise the temp…pretty constant at 68 now (in lower level, near furnace) ?


All three have no amber at 90? I would guess there must be an environmental issue at play. I have read about some plants that do not go amber, but with you growing three diff variety, that is unlikely the issue. I wonder if throwing them into the dark for a bit would do anything? Raising temp a bit may help…I will be interested to see how this goes. Good luck.


Heat and light can help but they will just take as long as they take. Are they at least cloudy yet?


I realized I have kept my rh real low say 33% I’m also in the lower level with furnace. What is your rh usually at? I wonder if that’s part of the issue.


Lower humidity the better @Oldman47 especially for the end.


Rh is around 37%, temp is only 64 (new, energy efficient furnace ). Turned dehumidifier down to lowest setting, added light and cut light period to 8 hrs. Adding small space heater tomorrow or Thursday


@Oldman47 Welcome to the ILGM Forums!

Any chance you can post a pic of that baby so we can maybe see something that might help us?

What date did you see the first pistils?


first pistils seen around 9/10-15

from top down: Master Kush; Holy Skunk; Dream Machine


How are you looking at those trichomes? @Oldman47

When the pistils are browning it is time to look at the trichomes with a jewelers loupe or magnifier

Here is what to look for

Clear Trichomes are still growing

Milky trichomes are mature

Amber trichomes are past maturity


Thanks for the reply…I use a loupe (10×) and an illuminated magnifier (16×)…trichomes are mostly milky, some clear, no amber…using red/blue led draws 200w, says equal to output of 1000w, sufficient for 3x3 ft space…added blue spectrum light yesterday and led white today, thinking my lights may not be strong enough to push to amber…temp is at low end of range, 64-66, rh is 40-42%.Next step…add heater ?


Can I tell you I haven’t sen it personally but there are more than a few posts here where the trichomes just wouldn’t turn amber. Why? I’m not sure but at some point you have to start wondering? I imagine you are feeling that way now.

You are 4 weeks longer than the average for most strains!

Longest mine ever went was 10 weeks.


Apparently some sativa and haze strains don’t turn amber? Seems like there have been a few of these threads. Might be time to look for other commonalities to try and narrow it down.