No 2nd set of leaves yet

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a crucial question. My ladies are about 3-4 inches tall from germination in about 5 days, but I see no signs of a second set of true leaves. Is this normal or is something stunting their growth? I’ve watched some videos and read some info and most seem to get about 2 inches and already starting their 3rd set of true leaves. Why are mine not showing signs?

I will defer to others on this; however, in my seedlings, that is pretty nuch what I saw. My one, which had an insane growth spurt on day 2, doubling in size from the other two, had a second set of leaves form a bit faster; however, my other two taht germinated are just now showing their second set of true leaves.

The one which grew faster than the others also had some insane root development. I think it was secretly on PEDs. :smile:

I’m doing all the same way, so I know of no real factor to consider, but I would say ~8 days or so to see second true leaves, other than cotelydons.

**I’m sure growth and developemnt also has something to do with the genetics of the particular strain of seed, as well.

When the seed first propagates, and opens up; The plant appears not to be growing. However; The roots are digging in, in order to give you a strong plant foundation. All the plants energy is going into growing roots, so that it can feed.