NNY First auto grow thanks to ILGM Super mix pack

3 days in the wild and watered from the stream going through area, did not test ph and the plants are finally taking off. Stream is spring fed with lots of life so I’m sure it’s fine. Will be introducing fox farm dirty dozen at their next feeding in 2 days , can’t wait to see results.

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They are looking real nice! After you mix everything up into the 5 gals of water, about how much are you giving per plant, or do you water till you see run off.
Feed mine 4 days ago.
BB 17 days young

I staked her up coz of the rain, but I plan to LST later this week. Probably Thursday, temp will be around 76 (I think)

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Looking good @Spiridly they are coming along slowly, after I mix everything I will feed/water until run off, this is also my first time ever using nutes and seeing the 24 hour results with my girls and possible boys indoors it is pretty crazy

@Spiridly i was worried about mine with the wind just because they were so slow I wasn’t sure if they would stay standing, but every one of them has new growth and none tipped over considering it’s been pretty windy lately

Yeah initial growth with mine seemed slow too. Oh …I’m using a straight up 20 20 20, as per ILGM grow bible. I diluted the required amount but only gave them 2 cups each. When they get their next feeding I’ll water till run off too.

Looking real nice!
Wish I could get away with an outdoor grow.

I think I go through as much stress as the plants. I know being exposed to sun, rain and wind is good for them especially if done gently at first but I still worry like a new parent. The first strong wind and/or thunder storm downpour and I’m gonna shit

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@ADK_Guerrila Whatever you do, DO NOT follow Fox Farms feeding chart for the amount. Cut it in half.

@RockClarke will do I’m starting off light on nutes and I’ll let the plants tell me if they want more

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@ADK_Guerrila Fox Farms ocean forest has enough nutes in it, to support the plant for at least 4-5 weeks. So, don’t over do it with the nutes. Even after the 4-5 week period, still mix their nutes at half strength.

Quick update, all 3 photo’s have been topped autoflower hasn’t been touched and all plants have been given a small dose of micro brew

Tried to top photos with the best of my ability and care haha

Hey everyone I have never defoliated my girls and not sure about the right time any help is appreciated, also plant in bigger pot it a GG auto others are photos. One more question I’ve got two of my photos that have curling upwards of leafs plants look healthy just curious if this something to be concerned with. Thanks in advance!! Happy growing

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Imo these plants have a while to go before you would need to worry about any defoliating. I don’t see anything critical going on with leaves either.

Agree with @dbrn32 . They look good for now. All systems go.


7 days of growth outdoors with fox farm big bloom used 2 days ago at week 3 strength, plants seem to be doing well unfortunately the last 3 days have been cloudy and rain. I am curious about the first picture the new growth has yellowing and curling, not sure if this could be caused by all the rain or possibly the nutrients. Also all of these plants are auto’s so I’m hoping I’m not behind on growth, all in 7 gallon pots as well.
Uploading: 255B8D36-6BED-45CF-82CF-55E2AAA23621.jpeg…
Uploading: 12CD4EAE-ADEF-4288-BDE0-E010F8AA8DE2.jpeg…
Uploading: 01A9926C-65C1-4DE9-B663-30027DD4878A.jpeg…
Uploading: 7EA80FA8-E4BE-4179-B5D2-C73AFE217904.jpeg…
Uploading: 129D4187-23CA-4FD2-86B0-1C9354815DC9.jpeg…

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Look a little wet. But look ok. Just be prepared for some nute burn. That much water, for that age, the nutes in the soil will release and some nute burn will occur. Those are some BIG pots for autos. But, boy howdy they have potential!

@MrPeat @dbrn32 I have one of my outdoor girls starting new growth with yellowing from inside of leaf out on new leafs was curious if this is a deficiency or possibly nute burn ??