NM Gov to officially sign the rec bill today

Things that make me happy. The moment we can apply for the micro producer license we will. Also, looking into the lab portion and purchasing a mobile lab testing kit and offering those services. I am beyond grateful that NM wants the mom and pop folk of us to produce and be a part of this and not let the mega corps take over. They are giving us a chance to grow and not be crippled by exorbitant licensing fees.


Well Texas is nearly surrounded by legal states now. Hopefully they jump on board soon.


What is that saying about hell freezing over?
@KikiGee I can only hope. I’m in the same situation as BobbyD. Just a different state. We can grow rope though.


Congratulations NM. Bout time u jump on the bud bus. Lol


This is so exciting! Congrats NM. Mississippi is still fumbling with medical, not sure I will live to see it legalized everywhere. I just don’t get it. Our farmers would benefit so much and MS could make some serious money. They brought in the lottery so who knows maybe marijuana legalization could happen! :grin:


I think the feds are finally waking up to all the taxes they are missing out on. It may go federal for you first. Yeah, it has been a head scratcher that propaganda can last for so long. Minds closed like a steel trap. Sad.

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Hey, I am 8 miles from the border. It is seriously like a different country. My son was telling me some of the BS going on in Abilene. The cops there are on a vendetta against people with marijuana. A guy got caught with an 1/8th and they nailed him for drug dealing because he had money in his wallet. Crap like that. I wish they could get out of Abilene and get here. He is scared to death to even smoke at his house as he doesn’t want his kids taken away. And he is a very wounded war vet and this is literally his lifeline on stopping seizures yet the state refused to give him a medical card with a stack of documentation over a foot tall that shows he needs it. I feel sorry for you guys.

I hope you are near one of the borders. For the longest we have driven four hours one way to Colorado for good rec weed, the medical weed here is so so, expensive, and the shortage is severe so you just don’t really get much of a choice of what to buy. At least in our part of the state. I think they are realizing that they need to get the producers growing as when the opening rec dispensary day starts in April 2022 there is simply not going to be enough cannabis. We know we won’t get much of a crop in, if any, to sell for April, if we get the license. We should have built the shop this year but paid off the truck and that gained us $1300 a month, which is useful. But it means this year’s production grow will have to be a greenhouse grow and that is a whole new animal for me; but we at least want that production license early on while they are giving them out. Our goal is quality organic, bud; like we like to smoke. We are not wanting to get huge. Enough for two old farts to handle with the grandkids helping trim. (Our Colorado producer friend has seven kids in the home under 18 and they all help harvest - so who says this cannot be a family thing? Our two year old grandson will tell you when he sees a MJ plant and asked what it is say, “medicine”).

For me the interesting part will be how the feds are going to come when they legalize that, and I think it is coming, if for not other reason then they realize the potential for tax money to make up for all the covid stimulus checks. I can’t think they will make it better other than making it legal. But it does make sense to be standardized.

The times are a changing…

I think it’s disgusting that only after they realize there is billions in taxes to be had, do “recreational” get passed. I have been a med patient in 2 states, what changed that now makes it “safe”? Here in AZ they started selling red 2 months earlier then ANYONE said they would be able to prior to passing rec. So in the middle of a pandemic, that resulted in a “vendor shortage” they decided to open up to rec sales. In a matter of 24 hrs the cost of my medicine went up 25% and the availability of affordable options (vs the 70.00 a gram for concentrate) evaporated like terpenes on an overheated nail. I didn’t start growing because I can, as much as because I HAVE to. It’s cool that the laws are changing, really crappy how it’s all motivated by politics and power grabs. We should all be furious that it is only now being allowed. They lied to us for generations about the medical usefulness, denied sick and elderly, made research illegal, have drained millions and millions of dollars in the form of legal restitution paid to the state for charges ranging from just having some on you, to having a pipe suppected of having been used to smoke marijuana, my fave is when growing it was charged as manufacturing a schedule 1 substance. I refuse to be made satiated by changes now being made only to passify the masses. I’m glad to not have Johnny Law on my back or up my butt, but I’m pissed they were ever there in the first place.

They won’t care or notice. Sick people in general, don’t have as much money to spend as those who are healthy. They will sell out the meds regardless of the supply.