NL outdoor grow in desert


This is about 2 wks in flowering


She looks green and healthy. Is she an auto? She’s a bit on the small size for flowering. Anyway, about five weeks to go for some nice harvested bud.


Thanks the gold leaf came out excellent


I have the NL tied down was a very robust plant started flowering early


Latest update


Update the first is NL figure 2 weeks and begin flushing the second is ww more Sativa but budding buds seem small any opinions are welcome


The NL is the bottom pic


Latest update looks pretty good
The NL

The WW


Lookin good. They seem to like that nice bright sun


Temps are creeping up to 100 should be done by June before it gets too wicked hot


These are the trichs I figure one more feeding flush for a week no water for a week 2 days dark and harvest what y’all think about stem splitting


Sounds like a good plan. I’m a fan of stem splitting, so you could do that one week before harvest.


Thanks for the input any advice on feeding I am using 0 10 10 and molasses solution 15 ml of each in 1 gal water