NL looking very sad


Amnesia Haze Auto…I call her Aimee! She’s still hanging tough!!


Looking good. :+1:


Got my tent set up yesterday…really digging it!!


@Olddog2270 new growth on Aimee looks good!!


Thanks Bro! Can’t wait to see what she does.


Copy that on the transplant, yeah I made the same mistake my first grow with 3 gallons.
Get 5 gallon smart/fabric pots for your next grow, autos don’t like to be moved it stunts them.

Agreed the new growth looks good, nice and healthy.

I notice you don’t have any drip trays under the pots eventually you’ll want something when you water to run off but there not there yet to small still.
Keep growing strong.


I hear ya!! Definitely doing 5 ga. smart pots next grow.


Your retort about the size of the pot your plants are in are deceiving, but they are growing supersonic!!! Great job!!!


Lol, ya’ll had me doubting what size they are. Looked them up on Home Depot website.:sunglasses:


Any grow is a good grow!!! I believe it’s good for one’s serenity. I can have a tough day, but when I get home to take care of my plants it elevates my mood. Have a good Day


Right on…ssme to you Brother!!


Question? I’m gonna need to fill the top three inches of my pots. I want to do it soon…how should i go about it?


Just fill it as long as it’s not with 6 month potting soil that has the nitrogen release pellets.
You’ll be surprised about how much the soil settles and sinks in I filled my pots to the top and they sunk about 3 inches or more!


Lol!!! That’s what happened to me. Slthough my soil is nice and spongy…it did settle quite a bit. Gotcha! Thanks for taking the time!! So remove sparse lower growth, etc…


Day 19 pic…15498092477246886613258009570526|374x500
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Don’t think you let it load fully… Try the image again


Uploaded new pic. Hope all is well in the Frozen Tundra, :sunglasses:


The structure looks healthy, doing great man.

Don’t forget to turn off the burple lights and give us pictures with normal white light on most occasions because the burple doesn’t let us see depth, color etc.

Did you order the testing pens?
What type of soil are you using?


Using fox farm, worm castings. Just using test strips. Plsnts are healthy…leaves are perfect.

Just put them outside…daily sun bath. Nina got Fimmed 2 days ago. (Middle plant)


Ocean forest fox farms? Or the foggy one. They are doing great!

Ps you’ll need a TDS meter they are cheap. 10$