NL looking very sad


@PigmanBBQ @dbrn32 @SlowOldGuy @basementstealth @Nicky @Covertgrower @Clay77 10 day update on 2 NL autos and 1 Amnesia Haze auto…1st 2 pics are NL


This is the amnesia haze auto… She’s gotta be the ugliest plant I’ve ever seen but she’s hanging tough and I’m excited to see what she does​:joy::joy::sunglasses:


Sometimes those ugly ones turn out to be dime pieces.


Looking good man.
Did you get the PH pen?
What size are those pots?


Nah…man…cancelled order and added more stuff…tent, light, guano…pH pen…lol. They’ve been doing well off of tap water I leave in the sun. Im home all day everyday so I’m watching them closely.


@PigmanBBQ…I see you’re in Mass. I was just up that way for Thanksgiving (Worcester)…The Frozen North…brrr!! Tried to get into the dispensaries, haha…lines were down the street!!:sunglasses:


My Jack Herrer I started in November looked like that.

Now he looks like this.


@Olddog2270 Ya wife was like lets go, and im like lets wait 2 weeks but we wound up going and we drove around the rotary and still couldnt see the end of the line!
Still waiting for my first dispensory experience.


Are you guys in Mass too? We just had a dispensary open up near us here.
And yes!!! Go Pats!!! Actually two of them. One in Great barrington and one in Pittsfield.


Been to two here in Canada so far 15$ a gram
The world’s going to come crashing down on these companies who built their business around such high prices companies have already started building in Africa and Columbia with North America markets in mind that can produce on a commercial scale of 50c a Gram or less


Wow!! It’s funny mine is a Sativa also…but she really looks vibrant…so I know she’ll make it.


Newbie…day 3…Bluberry Auto


Got pH test strips…freaking tap water is 6.5…spring water i bought is 8.4!


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Sunbathing!! @S.FloridaSwampman


Looking good, what size are those pots?
They are all autos or just the one?
Your lucky to have perfect tap water ugh I wish! Haha.
They have came along way and looking good from when they sprouted and you were worried.

What type of soil are they in?
Do you have a TDS meter now?
Following and digging in for the long hauk


Don’t know size of pots…big enough. Bought box of test strips.
All autos. Thanks man. Just got tent, lights, set up everything just in time…plants taking off.


Hello @Olddog227, I see your plants are enjoying the warm up, and placing them in the sun sure makes a difference. I don’t know if you are growing outside, but it sure makes it transition well when one does. They look beautiful, and healthy to boot. It’s great the feeling I get with everyone getting ready for the warm up to propagate. I could be completely wrong because pics can be deceiving, but the pot size looks like a one quart pot. Please don’t hold me to that guess…


@Nicky…I know the pots look small…probably just angke…but pots are 3 gallon. Not gonna transplant…left plenty of space to top off with more medium. Plants doing well, scared to mess with them, :joy::joy::sunglasses: @S.FloridaSwampman


Brother…not growing outdoors for security reasons…snatch time outdoors while they’re small. Just got tent and all setup…still gonna try keep it simple.


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Day 14 photos…

Nina…NL auto

Neema…NL auto