NL looking very sad


@Olddog2270, I concur with you on what you wrote about the taste, and organic. Hydro has man made chemicals given their entire life, but they give it nothing but regular water right before harvest. The plant grew on chemical water to almost it’s entire entity. Don’t sound good to me, and I have read real cannabis cup judge’s mention that pot grow in dirt is the best they have smoked. I just like knowing what’s in my water bong!!!


Oh agreed growing is soil is the way to go but even basically every grower indoors grows with nutrients because if you want any sort of yeild you need to.

The big deal on the TDS meter is your testing your run off to see how much nutrients is left in your soil! TDS is total dissolved solids, aka plant food.

The TDS WI show you when your soil is weak and after veg it gets weak and needs fllwer/bloom nutes.

I wouldn’t push it if you could do successful without it, now you night think hey but it’s always grown in soil and been fine hippy days etc.
Yeah but they were growing it outside and for long periods of time with huge root systems, constant worms and bugs and the whole biodiversity.

Just here to help guide you is all, you can opt to do it the way your going and just see how it turns out but remember your not the first one who’s done this method lol.
Now if you had 2 plants I would say do one that way but you only have 1 and your really trying to justify the cost + show your hubby it’s worth it.
Would be a shame to see you 2 months down the road banging your head against the wall thinking ughhh I should have just added some organic nutrients and kept it in line with a 10$ TDS meter… Veg state is much less demanding then flower state and flower state is double the length of time.

Personally I can’t taste a difference between organic and non organic as long as it was grown in soil and grown well but that’s just me so I opt for non organic for myself to save some cash.
It’s all science and just chemicals and math at the end of the day


I hear ya. I give nutes now…fox farm grow big snd they are doing well. They dpend s lot of time outdoors, so seem to be watering more, but yhe are thriving. Tuesday will be day 21, start of week 4. Expect flowering as round end of week 4 , middle of week 5,idk. Will be brewing up some Indonesian bat guano tea, with worm castings, liquid kelp, molasses, for bloom stage.


Hmm interesting yeah use the search function and read some of the stuff on the forums already @garrigan65 is the master of soil & teas
I know nothing about teas

That being said the TDS pen will help ensure your soils not to hot when you start using them or to weak


Youtube has “How to videos” on brewing teas. Very easy.



Blockquote Oh agreed growing is soil is the way to go but even basically every grower indoors grows with nutrients because if you want any sort of yeild you need to.

Not so Nicky, I’ve been growing now for two years now and I don’t feed my plants any Nutrients.
I’m going to be doing a THREAD on what and how I do it with soil.
I’ll tag you if you wish. Here is a link to my Thread and you can see for your self how they are with nutrients


This is why I tagged you lol because if anyone’s going to be able to do it and build a template it’s going to be you.

I would love a tag!


Hello @Olddog2270, A good addition to soil in the budding stage that costs nothing is hard wood ash, and it is almost impossible to overdose one’s budding plants using it by the shovel full. Organic growing has become a cash cow, for companies. There are many alternatives to pulling out your wallet to buy organic additives when we are surrounded by it on the planet. As previously mentioned, it all breaks down to math, science, and understanding of the element chart. Good Luck!!!


Hard wood ash? As in bon pit ash? I was watching strain hunters on YouTube. They were in the Congo looking 100% untainted sativa landraces and all the farmers were using was charcoal/ash.


@Olddog2270, Metaphorically, You hit the Nail on the Head, and in one swing of the Hammer it countersink. That must have been a cool show to watch, and it is true. The only thing to remember is it must be Hard Wood, or it will not work. I use Oak Wood Ash because I cook with it, and I have a continuous source because my Home has an Oak Hammock surrounding it. In conclusion, Hickory, Mesquite, ect. will work, but start your fire with paper, twigs, ect. Don’t use lighter fluid because you could inadvertently contaminate your soils with unevaporated petroleum. If you want to spike the Nitrogen, then the little pieces of wood that are charred add that with ash. Be careful with the addition of N, yet the ash alone can be shoveled in. It’s almost impossible to Overdose your plant with only the Ash. In Mexico’s State of Wahaca it was a fertilizer staple, but the cartels are growing Tomatoes now because the 50 lbs. bale weed market collapsed. They are making a higher profit margin growing Tomatoes because nobody wants overseas 5% Dirt Weed anymore. I wasn’t trying to be uncouth to anyone, so please don’t misinterpret my writing. My writing skills stink, and when I convey something written it can come off harsh. Thank you, Misinterpreted from Everglades Swamp


Nah Man, I love the writing style, very entertaining! I was gonna ask you if you were an officer, lol! Plan on doing MK Ultra later this summer, since its a photo would like to use the ash for N in veg.


The Hard Wood Ash doesn’t carry the Element of Nitrogen, but the charred remains of the millions of particles of partially burned wood does. The ash is good for all stages, yet I go heavy on fully burned pure Ash when I want to make my Buds grow Organically without spending extra money. In conclusion, the ash has the other major important element that promotes bud growth. You do not want to be adding too much Nitrogen at that time. It may take a little longer to mature, but everything natural is a neat thing to do. I get confused at times from PTBI, but aren’t you the person who wrote previous about a TV show where the growers used it on pure sativa plants. They do the same thing in Mexico too, and I do it in S.Florida. Good Evening


Right on…yeah the show is called Strain Huntwrs on Youtube. Arjan produced and stars in the show. He is a dutch grower/entrepreneur that has won numerous High Times cannabis awards for strains, etc. Check it out!


Life is funny. One moment a person can score well into the triple digits on an IQ test, but in a Nanosecond that can completely change. In conclusion. thr person can be the bumbling fool to chide on a site where many egos are weak. It’s indicative of lifetime smokers escaping from themselves.


I just keep it moving if some mongoloid wants to exude whatever knowledge they may believe to have. Life is too short and the buzz too good!:sunglasses:
Have a Good Night Bro.


@Olddog2270, I will look it up, and I hope that luck swings my way on the episode you mentioned previously. Have a good night.


1st Pic: Blueberry 10 days…had to stake her…top heavy kept falling over. I suspect I over watered her, roots development slow.
Pics 2 and 3…NL…Amnesia Haze at 5 days


Day 28…things are moving along, plants still healthy…No issues so far. The ladies are pretty much all same size. Heavy defoliation slowed them for two days, but have been growing about an inch a day in all directions, many bud sites forming…light flowering for now. Been having some great weather (80°F+) , high humidity, and pleanty of Sun.
@S.FloridaSwampman @stoney @Nicky @garrigan65 @dbrn32 @fano_man @SlowOldGuy

Shot of the Gulf for y’all!:sunglasses:


Thanks for sharing the view!


All is looking good for ya … you luck dog you … lmao