NL looking very sad


My two NL seedlings are looking sad, while the amnesia haze is doing well…all same age…4days

Really trying to be patient!!!


Looks like the seed husk is stuck and isn’t letting it open up it’s leaves.


Right!! The husk is gone, well at a small piece is hanging…do you think it’ll eventually pop open? The other one really looks bad, hardly any veg material… @New2this


Iv had this happen where the seed shell/husk wont fall off. I used a pair of tweezers and very very carefully and gently pulled it off and the plant was fine after.


Bro!! Top of leaves came off…but opening up…


If you’re not already using a dome would be a good idea in order to get humidity level up for seedlings stage . When root system develops a little more you can remove dome.


@Olddog2270 i think she will be ok, iv never had that happen but im only on my 3rd grow. I have done that wit tomatoes started inside from seed and they were fine. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::seedling::seedling:


I’ve been told to add a few drops of H2o2 during the 24 hr soak. It’s suppose to help soften up the husk so it doesn’t do that . The second one with out any real veg material might be a gonner⚰️ . No harm in letting it try and recover though . Good luck


@PigmanBBQ @New2this…I think she’ll be fine. Here’s a pic of #2…The seed husk came of easy…like

I think my blueberry seed is a bust though…:disappointed_relieved: She germinated with the others…nothing!


next time u pop some seeds look for that husk stuck on them,
the sooner u get it off the sooner they start to grow.!


Looking good!!


My babies standing proud before transplant to forever home.:sunglasses: @basementstealth


Lookn good!!! @Olddog2270


Are these autos?


Yes, 2NL and 1 Amnesia Haze…got a couple more beans of both in paper towels.


I would suggest grabbing a couple cut up 2L pop bottles and putting them overtop to keep the humidity nice and high while they grow for a while. You have some CFL lights that can help with the vegetative growth?


I have just one on them at all times and been hitting them with my led for a cple of hrs…they seem to really reach for light…I do it just to break them in a bit. Led is at 3ft…humidity is at 65


Humidity is great. Better than mine you could bump it up a tad more if able but they will still do good. What’s your Temps?
You have your PH and TDS meter calibrated and are giving 6.2-6.5 PH water?

What LED do you have?
You have 3 right now and are germing more… I’m worried you are underestimating how much light these plants are really going to need.
How big and what temperature is your CFL?
6400k 2700k?


Waiting on pH meter now…I’ve just been misting them lightly 3x day…tap water, let it sit out in sun a couple of days then use. Cfl is just a 40 watt too keep light on them, slow and easy for now. 450 watt Amazon special, probably more like 150. I’m split between purchasing a 600watt hps/my or hlg 135 qb… leaning toward board… also if all goes well, will crop out rest of closet space…only using about 2x2 now.


I wouldnt mist, you’ll get gnats, most do… I did. If you do get yellow stickies on standby or you can make your own with bright yellow poster paper and petroleum jelly.

Just water the base and then let them dry a bit then re water, once their older you can let them dry out more. Switch to distilled water while you wait for your PH meter, it’s worth the $ for now.
Get the board lol, HPS are less efficient, you have to control heat really well and the bulbs have to be swapped after a bit.

Sooo with your light you probably can’t even grow 1 plant, you gave started alot of seeds for the amount of light you have just a heads up.
If they are autos your fighting time you only have 30 days or so to grow them before they flower.

I would suggest getting a light asap.

I started have 2 one is auto one is not, city tap water and a 300w true (600 rated) full spectrum COB, controlled my Temps well but my humidity was a little low (dry great white north) in my tent and this is how big my auto got until it started to flower due to lack of lighting and my tap water that I’m pretty sure is out of wack (test it tomorrow night)