NL harvest at 7 weeks flower, outdoor grow

HI all,
I only grew the 1 NL feminized plant this year, and yesterday she came down, all of it. Tis year Im trying something a little new. According to Robert C Clarke (Marijuana Botany). He states, ‘with idica hybrids its best to harvest plants before they fully ripen, before they turn amber, unless you want to be glued to your sofa, trichomes are near at their peak THC concentration when they are translucent color’.
I know there are many opinions on this, but last year I went the other way and let the NL plants go very amber. It resulted in smoke that was very strong.
This 1 NL has all translucent with about 10% amber. I like the early cerebral clear psychoactive effect, therefore its down.
Grown in a 7-10 gallon grow bag, outdoor.

![NL Harvest at 7 wks flower|466x500]


Congrats on you harvest! :fire::fire::fire: How much did you yield?

Very nice… I grew NL last go and it knocks my dick in the dirt… only for bedtime…oh and that was maybe 20ish % amber at 8/9 weeks

@Brandy keep all your NL info in this topic if ya want the most replys… we can combine it if ya need but it the other post is just pics, did I miss something?

Very nice.

I wanted that other photo in this group, but missed attaching to this post. apologies, I do not know how to edit a fresh post…& did not have the time to learn. Im a student and up to my neck in assessments. but, still wanted to post pic’s of the harvest… gotta share the harvest results, all my hard work…

pretty pretty plants

To ReconBravo,
In reply to your question (15 days ago) after drying, Ive weighed the dried buds up the NL#5 feminized from ilgm and it came to just under 9 ounces.
Im happy with the result. The planted started in a 7 gal grow bag, then I potted-on into a 10 gal bag and dug it into the ground. The root system grew right thru the bottom of the bag and into the soil.
I could have left it longer and increased the weight, but going for a different smoking effect this year.
Just as we finish our season, you guys are getting started on yours.
Good luck this year… Out of interest, how much does an ounce sell for wherever you are? Are you in a part of the USA where marijuana is legal?

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9 O’s is great work and outside w free light is killer. Nice job, always great to hear success stories…did I miss a smoke report?? Most important part. LOL
An O down here is about $250/3… if you can find reggie it’s your average $80 O

Hi LoCo’,

I see you live in FL. I used to live in Orlando and New Smyrna Beach, back some years ago, late 90’s - 2005 then we returned to downunder. Im a plumber and worked construction around the attractions. These days Im back studying at university, Im up to my neck in assessments and study, its alot of stress. Thats the reason no smoke report (Yet). But the oz’s that I move, I receive great feedback. People are very happy with what I grow… Im looking forward to finishing this round of study in 3-4 weeks. To celebrate (hopefully) when I pass Ive just purchased a Storz & Bickel Plenty vaporizer online…

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Congrats on the studies and finishing up school. Glad to hear ppl like it, it’s gotta be killing you not to test your goods? So what are you getting rid of ouncue for or what does an O go for down under?

Currently an oz is $300-$400 in NZ

Hi LOCo Rock,
apologies mate, been up to my neck in assessments. 1 Oz is anywhere between 250 - 300 depending on what is about. Now for example people have a selection following the summer pick. Seems that price has not changed for some years, no matter the work and costs involved for the farmer.

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I hope I get at least 5 from my NL”s . But they are Autos.


Looks good to me. Still have plenty of time for them to fatten up.