Nl auto not sure what to do

Should I harvest or not I thought I had 2 more week to flush but it’s my first grown and I’m leery. There are some amber hairs on it and some tricombs look milky. Should I just flush it and wait 2 week ? It’s at week 3 of flower from my count. I really am not sure what to do I heard autos have a mind of there own. And I think it says ilgm nl autos are 5 week flower period.
just wanna now if I’m right for wanting to leave it for 2 more weeks and flush it

For those who will ask it’s under a electric sky es300 v 2 . Ff ocean forest half happy frog ff nutes. Been 20 on 4 off from.the start

No, don’t harvest, you have another 4-5 weeks at least. It’s a 8 week flowering plant. Amber hairs is not the thing to look at, it’s amber trichome heads that we look for.


Hellraiser has you covered. You have a while to go yet.

Like @Hellraiser said. When you do look at trichomes use a loupe or microscope and be sure to look ONLY at the flower calyx and not sugar leaves (they age faster)

Ok I thought it was too soon. better to ask then to mess something up

Ok update so I let this thing go same plant above pic been 22 days by forum day count. I got more white pistols forming at the tops of some buds. If I’m counting right I’m week 6 of flower nl is 8 weeks.
Can I let this thing go another 2 weeks for a flush. 25 % of main leaves are yellow not sugar leafs though they are all green I was gonna let it go till. I has 1 sugar leaf turn yellowish then cut it down.
That sound about tight I just dont want it to fox tail or something bad on my first shot at this